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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, what are you thankful for? Are you thankful for family, friends, wealth, or health? [if you have any of those things] 😛

Well, here is my take on Thanksgiving… [read at your own risk]

Columbus discovers America. [didn’t know you could discover a place already inhabited] He sent word home to send more people over. It’s a great land. More people come, but ‘uh oh’, they start dying from starvation, cold, disease. The people, who already lived here, [Indians] step in and teach the people to hunt, grow fields, keep warm, etc. Well, WOO HOO, send more people over we are saved!!

The people [white man, pilgrims] are thankful and [supposedly according to the history books] throw a feast fit for Kings. Thanksgiving!! [thanks for giving?] All is good in the World… for a little while.

I guess it is true, survival of the fittest, only the strong survive, etc. Well the ‘people’ were so thankful that eventually their greed took over and they decided they wanted the land all to themselves. Now they showed their thanks by slaughtering a culture of people. [Indians]  hmmmm just doesn’t sound right to me. But hey, isn’t that how it’s always been. We go in and take what we want. They gave, the people took. And they/we call it Indian giving…

To sum it up, we [people] came over, started to croak. They [Indians] came to our aid and saved us. [people] In the end we [people] showed our thanks by giving some land to them [Indians, when it was their land first] then took it back [And they/we call it Indian giving] and killed them [Indians] so we could have the land all to ourselves.


I know this isn’t your typical Thanksgiving blog and sorry if it offends anyone. [not] I guess we can get past the true history of the Holiday and give thanks for the now and what we have. I am thankful for my family and friends, everyday, not just on Thanksgiving. To me, it’s just another day in the year, a day we can outwardly acknowledge our thanks. But, at what cost…

Happy Thanksgiving…


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. My thanks for Thursday was that hub got through his surgery on Wednesday and was able to eat a small amount of food on Thanksgiving…that meant a lot to me…otherwise, I agree with you just another day since I am thankful for everyone in my life every day of the week.



  2. I agree. Great Blog.

    Why celebrate life and being thankful 1 day out of the year…oh, yeah and Christmas too when we are so thankful for all the gifts and love…! If we are really thankful for all we have, why not give the food pantries a donation to show that we are thankful and help someone else to be thankful too.


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