Black Friday Etiquette!

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Ramblings, RANDOM, sarcasm, shopping, stupid_stuff
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For those of you nutters that head out in the cold for the ‘deals’, this is for you!

  • Breathe and keep calm.
  • Be prepared for long lines, do not talk crap to the cashiers.
  • Be nice to ALL the associates in the stores.
  • Breathe and keep calm
  • Do not punch out the rude customer in the store that grabbed the item before you. [wait until you get outside] 😛
  • Remember the store associates HAVE to work on this day. They would much rather be home with loved ones.
  • Remember you CHOSE to go shopping on this day, so chill the fuck out.
  • Breathe and keep calm.
  • Breathe and keep calm.
  • Breathe and keep calm.

Safe shopping! Peace out!

  1. Antonio Calabria says:

    All this has to be said—again and again!
    Thanks and a Happy Thangsving to you and yours,

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  2. Vikki says:

    Gotten share this one Tracy!!! Happy Thanksgiving….. XOXO

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  3. I tried that once. Never again! Here’s a cool post on Buy Nothing Friday for those of us (can I mention Occupy on your blog?!! I seem to be getting in trouble for this…how dare me!!) Who are Occupying at Home:

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  4. Mary says:

    Black Friday…hmmmm, they should call it Smack Friday…I would never waste my time dealing with pushy, nasty crowds…let them enjoy themselves…


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