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Black Friday Etiquette!

For those of you nutters that head out in the cold for the ‘deals’, this is for you!

  • Breathe and keep calm.
  • Be prepared for long lines, do not talk crap to the cashiers.
  • Be nice to ALL the associates in the stores.
  • Breathe and keep calm
  • Do not punch out the rude customer in the store that grabbed the item before you. [wait until you get outside] 😛
  • Remember the store associates HAVE to work on this day. They would much rather be home with loved ones.
  • Remember you CHOSE to go shopping on this day, so chill the fuck out.
  • Breathe and keep calm.
  • Breathe and keep calm.
  • Breathe and keep calm.

Safe shopping! Peace out!

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Stupid things STUPID people say…

“Be glad you are not in a wheelchair due to a car accident or the like. There are many paraplegics in wheelchairs because of this. This is something they did not ask for.”

This was in response to someone in a wheelchair due to illness. I was like WTF! Are you insane or just ignorant. This person needs a lobotomy… or maybe they have had one already. Do they think we asked for the illness that put us into a wheelchair? I feel as awful for those in accidents as I do for myself and others with a crippling illness!

Really people, think before you open your stupid mouth!


I’m out! Peace!