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Stupid things STUPID people say…

“Be glad you are not in a wheelchair due to a car accident or the like. There are many paraplegics in wheelchairs because of this. This is something they did not ask for.”

This was in response to someone in a wheelchair due to illness. I was like WTF! Are you insane or just ignorant. This person needs a lobotomy… or maybe they have had one already. Do they think we asked for the illness that put us into a wheelchair? I feel as awful for those in accidents as I do for myself and others with a crippling illness!

Really people, think before you open your stupid mouth!


I’m out! Peace!

6 thoughts on “Stupid things STUPID people say…

  1. Yikes, is all I can say! Again, this reinforces my theory of people walking in other people’s shoes..what the hell is the difference why or how the person got into the wheelchair, they just don’t want to be in it!

    I feel bad too, because the other day you mentioned about not being able to get into the pool and I said about getting your tootsies wet, what was I thinking?..geez, maybe these meds I am on make me sorry!


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  2. With no offense to those who have friends or family members, like the story of Spoons, I would’ve said, “But you don’t LOOK mentally retarded.” ❤

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