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Charlie Sheen…

An act or a man spiraling out of control?

Here is a man with the World at his fingertips. Here is a man with an amazing talent and intelligence. So, why is he using it as a circus side-show. WINNING! Really, are you Charlie? Most people are getting a huge laugh out of his condemnation of others, out of his egotistical rants, out of his crazy rhetoric. But really, is it funny? Or is it a sad tale of someone losing his mind one day a time? Or, riddle me this, is it a man acting and using his abilities to draw a crowd. Let’s face it, his show was good, but did anyone really care about him anymore? Is this his way of getting back in to the spotlight?

He is an actor people. Is this an act? Part of me hopes that it is an act. I would hate to watch another human being, or rock star from Mars, as he calls himself, spiral out of control for the World to watch.

He is acting like a spoiled baby. He has it all… a nice home, health, children, a nice bank account and here is his acting out. I’m embarrassed for him. What I would give to have his talent and his physical health, shit his money. I could live a much more comfortable life with my Disease having all he has.He acts as though his life is so tough. Get over yourself Charlie!!

I listen to him trashing other addict/alcoholics. My husband is one of them. He is clean and sober 13 years thanks to AA. And if you are going to rag on any organization, have the facts Charlie. Only 5% of AA members are helped. Give me a break. If that was the case AA would have been gone years ago. It’s all about, take what you like and leave the rest. In his videos he is ancy and jittery. What is he on? ‘Drug tests don’t lie’… depends on what you were tested on Charlie.

He has no idea of reality. He lives in another world from the majority and he is complaining about people that he feels have done him wrong. He is taking no responsibility for his own actions. He is a poster child for an addict. Not a recovering one either. DUH!

Bottom line, Charlie if you are Winning… I’ll take losing any day! Get help dude, before it is too late!

xx, Tracy...

8 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen…

  1. I don’t really know what to think of Charlie Sheen at the moment, I just know he’s pretty messed up and needs some serious help whether he’s acting or not, the man is definitley acting like an Idiot!


  2. I think he is bi-polar and he needs some strong intervention by his family – then when he is taken away he needs to be brought down several notches
    If you have consumed what he has taken it must have taken some toll mentally …..
    If this was my son I would have him in some log cabin detoxing and I would have beaten his ass all the way there for being such an arrogant out of control jerk.


  3. It really is sad. He has it all, like you said and still acts like a spoiled brat. Not sure how I feel about what’s going on with him, I just know that I’m so sick of hearing it! If he is ignorant enough to throw his life and career away for drugs and alcohol, so be it. If he’s acting to get attention, shame on him! There are so many more important issues going on in the world today that he is not worthy of my time. xoxo


  4. Having studied all about addictions and the behavior associated with this disease, I am convinced it is not an act. Additionally, having a brother, father and grandfather who loved alcohol more than life, I now know that as an addict, one can not act rationally. Their brain is now chemically altered and the disease is what takes over. One blames, lies, cheats, become violent, steals, deceives and the list goes on. Equally, the addict is convinced that the world has done something to them. I am more sensitive to people like Charlie Sheen and others who have fallen as a result of illicit drugs and other substances because behind the “disease” there is beauty in all of us, even addicts. As, a result, I’ve learned to focus on the “disease” versus the man. Man will fail us which is why we should never look to them for being anything else. Unfortunately, I learned this a little too late. My brother is gone…but what I have learned about addiction will resonate with me. I pray I can continue to see beauty in everyone…even when they are in the “disease.”


    1. I just hope when he finally hits his ‘rock bottom’ it’s not in a casket.

      Living with a recovering addict/alcoholic I feel bad for him to a point. Sadly there does come a time when we have to walk away as we cannot help them unless they truly want it.

      If he is clean and sober, as he states, this is where ‘the act’ comes in to play for me. Sadly he is making a mockery of AA and other organizations that do help many. Disease or not, I find this offensive as my husband was saved thanks to AA and it’s teachings.

      I pray he finds his way soon.



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