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Charlie Sheen and his YES friends

As I watch the videos Charlie is making on line I wonder what his friends are really thinking. The ‘Goddesses’ and the people at the round table at his home. Then I realize, they are thinking what he wants them to. Well maybe on the outside, but on the inside what are they thinking. Like Lindsay Lohan, maybe if their friends actually told them what they look like to others and how their craziness is making them look like ‘Trolls’, maybe they would listen. But YES friends will not do that for fear of losing their ‘celebrity’ friendships.

When Lindsay was doing her ‘thing’, I was waiting to hear friends say, “STOP!” But it seems no one had the balls to do so. Now with Charlie and his YES friends, it is the same sad story. They make comments like, “I’m behind him in whatever he needs to do”, “He’s right.”, etc. I read comments on his videos of all the people saying he is a genius, and Shakespeare had nothing on him!! WTF, are you kidding me. This is brown nosing at its finest.

Hey, what are you doing back there?

Shitty, shitty, suck, suck… one of his new lines. And some say Shakespeare has nothing on him! Really. We’ve got, “Duh!”, we’ve got, “Winning!”, and then we have nonsensical words coming out of his mouth. If anything, Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave. This a side show in a circus and people are just waiting for the next police call of domestic violence.

I’m waiting for him to come right and say… “Duh. I’m God!” Far fetched, I think not. He is spiraling downward.

Then I keep going back to, he is an actor and a damn good one. Is this all an act? Charlie if you want your own reality show, then do it. You say you need no one and you do it all on your own, well then do it and stop making such an ass out of yourself.

I sit and wonder why this bothers me so. I think it’s because [as stated in a previous blog] that he has it all. There are people out there that would love to be in his shoes and would have been ecstatic to get 2 million an episode. What a talent he has… Charlie, use your ‘tigers blood’ powers for good, not evil!

As for your YES friends Charlie Sheen, dude if you were broke these people would be no where near you. Get a clue and take your life back. Talk to people with the backbone to tell you no and follow through with that no.

In all honesty, I feel sad for him. As I sit here in a wheelchair, with a disease that is slowly progressing, I realize how blessed I truly am. What a lonely man he must be.

xx, Tracy...
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Charlie Sheen…

An act or a man spiraling out of control?

Here is a man with the World at his fingertips. Here is a man with an amazing talent and intelligence. So, why is he using it as a circus side-show. WINNING! Really, are you Charlie? Most people are getting a huge laugh out of his condemnation of others, out of his egotistical rants, out of his crazy rhetoric. But really, is it funny? Or is it a sad tale of someone losing his mind one day a time? Or, riddle me this, is it a man acting and using his abilities to draw a crowd. Let’s face it, his show was good, but did anyone really care about him anymore? Is this his way of getting back in to the spotlight?

He is an actor people. Is this an act? Part of me hopes that it is an act. I would hate to watch another human being, or rock star from Mars, as he calls himself, spiral out of control for the World to watch.

He is acting like a spoiled baby. He has it all… a nice home, health, children, a nice bank account and here is his acting out. I’m embarrassed for him. What I would give to have his talent and his physical health, shit his money. I could live a much more comfortable life with my Disease having all he has.He acts as though his life is so tough. Get over yourself Charlie!!

I listen to him trashing other addict/alcoholics. My husband is one of them. He is clean and sober 13 years thanks to AA. And if you are going to rag on any organization, have the facts Charlie. Only 5% of AA members are helped. Give me a break. If that was the case AA would have been gone years ago. It’s all about, take what you like and leave the rest. In his videos he is ancy and jittery. What is he on? ‘Drug tests don’t lie’… depends on what you were tested on Charlie.

He has no idea of reality. He lives in another world from the majority and he is complaining about people that he feels have done him wrong. He is taking no responsibility for his own actions. He is a poster child for an addict. Not a recovering one either. DUH!

Bottom line, Charlie if you are Winning… I’ll take losing any day! Get help dude, before it is too late!

xx, Tracy...
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This-n-That and Ampyra

Will start with the Ampyra saga.  I’ve been on it now for 3 months. Do I notice any improvement? I want to say, “YES YES I do”, but it’s not that simple. I do feel that transferring and rising up and down has seemed easier, sometimes. But, then I wonder, was it the same before the Ampyra? I’m sorry but most [99%] of the MS medications are for RRMS and not the progressive forms. They say this is for all types, but I do not buy it. You would think they would WANT to find something for the more serious forms as then the less serious form might be ‘cured’.

Well, it’s kind of a mute point now anyways as a clusterfuck occurred between the insurance and the neuro’s nurse and the neuro. Due to the type of drug this is they [ins] wanted to know the progress after 3 months before refilling my scrip. You would think that would be easy peasy… ummmm nope!! My neuro’s nurse [new] is one not the brightest stars in the sky when it comes to dealing with this. I think she mis-informed my doctor and he canceled the scrip.

can't anything be easy?

She told me to call back Friday night after she spoke with my doctor. Fuck that… she can wait until Monday and this time she better have the right answers. I’m still waiting for a referral from 2 weeks ago she has not done. I’m a pretty patient person [hence my bathroom] but DO NOT push me too far. You will not like it. So we shall see what happens tomorrow.


I am finally back to doing my jewelry, MzTracyr Designs . I hope the good feelings last as they can go away as quickly as they come. It was really cool being at my design table creating again. It’s been like 3 or 4 months [maybe longer] since I have made anything. Drop on in and take a look if you can.


Now on to a funny/not funny situation. My wheel-chariot does not seem to want to hold a charge. So, Roger took it apart and tested the batteries the cables and all are fine. I’m wondering if the controller’s wire is messed up since I do run into walls from time to time. lol I’ll be calling them tomorrow. Oh JOY! Now the funny, omg, duh moment… I’m 6′ tall and wheel-chariots are not made for tall people. This one seemed the best so we got it. Well, when Roger took it apart we found that we can raise the seat almost 6 inches! We were busting up laughing and how stoopid we are. I have had the chair since February 2009 and we had no clue. We are not big ‘manual’ readers. lol It is so cool to be higher. I was in heaven today. He raised it so the back is a tad lower than the front and it is amazing. So, now I got the best chair, and it may be having issues. This is so my life!!

Welcome to my world!!


xx, Tracy...