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Whether in a wheel-chariot or not I can still have nice shoes. Boots are my ultimate kind of footwear. I’ve had people ask why I need to buy new shoes. REALLY, Why not? Why do you buy makeup when nothing can fix your ugly? My shoes/boots/sandals stay nice, and I may be in a chair but my feet can still look good. I like to feel pretty like everyone does. I rock a wheel-chariot.

So, I’ve been keeping my eyes on some new boots for Fall. I wanted suede and wanted a square toe. Found an awesome boot by La Canadienne called the Janie boot. They are originally 259. Zappos had them for 196. I found them for 141.50.  I’m the ultimate online sales shopper. I usually do not spend over 100.00 on boots, except for my UGG’s, but this was a great deal for a great boot.

Drumroll please…..

Hubba Hubba!!

Blessings and Hope!!

16 thoughts on “Boots…

  1. “Why do you buy makeup when nothing can fix your ugly?”

    Oh no you didn’t…I love that…and love the boots…I’m going to remember that next time someone asks me why I keep buying crap I don’t need. But need another line for when a dude asks me why…lol.


  2. You crack me up “nothing can fix your ugly” PMSL! Makes me think of a t-shirt I want.. “My chubbiness I can cure, your ugliness is an epic fail” 😛 Love the boots!! 🙂


  3. Oh too cool, Tracy! I’m nuts about shoes too. I recently did my “fall shopping” that included a pair of boots I wanted something like last year. Makeup only fixes my “ugly” if I’m feeling it. LOL


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