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Taking a shower…

ALONE!! lol I have been trying to find the perfect ‘bathroom’ for my crippled butt. 😛 Had a few ideas, but wow they were either really time consuming or way tooooooo expensive. So, today while surfing the net for more ideas I came across those bathtubs for people who need a lil help entering and exiting etc. Well they have a new style now.

The shower series: http://premier-bathrooms.com/showers/

cool beans

open door

This would fit in our existing shower area:

out with the old

With the new one there is no step up, the doors open out of the way so no maneuvering around them. There is a built in shower chair  that folds up for space when not needed by me. Handrails, easy access shower heads and the list goes on. So, basically, it’s perfect.

woo hoo

Not sure on the cost, so put a call in for an estimate. Pray it’s not too way out there for us. This could be the answer to my dreams!!

**crossing fingers**

Maybe, the luck of the Irish will help me today!! HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!

Blessings and hope!

14 thoughts on “Taking a shower…

  1. That looks really great!!! I have to admit I feel like I am avoiding the shower these days too. I feel like I am always washing my hair in the sink, to avoid climbing into the tub (I don’t even have a walk-in here, trying to convince hubby to move sooner, but moves always seem to come soon enough so he doesn’t want to). Hope it all works out for you, and maybe you’ll find that pot of gold!


    1. I avoid them like the plague!! It’s just so hard to get in, and harder to get out. [showers tire me] I can only take them when hubby is home as he has to get me in [lift each leg in]. I just wanna roll up, grab the rail slide on in and take my shower!!

      They have a shampoo that needs no rinsing. Just put it in shampoo it around and towel dry. You can find it a allegro.com

      TY my friend! 🙂


  2. Those are both cool options, I hope you are able to find one that is within your means. I should probably plan one like that for myself…but then I still think about moving again and don’t know if I want to spend the money right now. (Not that I have any to spend)


    1. We will gut the bathroom to save some money. [i hope] I have the 1100.00 from all the fabulous ladies at fab 40. The MS society might add 400.00 to that and we have a lil in our tax refund we can use.

      We do not use CC’s, so hopefully it will work out!!


  3. That looks fantastic!!!!! I got one question…where did the throne go in the 2nd picture?

    It’s gonna work out!!! I know it will!!!! I’m so excited for you!! 🙂 ❤


  4. Tracy,

    This looks great! I only shower when hubby is home because of the contortions I have to do to get in and out. I have a shower stall, but it has a 6 in. lip to step over. I never use the garden tub because I can’t get up out of it.

    These look like they eliminate the hassle of showering. Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Woo Hooo is right!!!! oxoxox


    1. I hear ya robin, we have the same issues!! Sucks always needing help. 😦

      We have an estimate appt. on April 5th. Wish me luck that it is in our price range!!



  5. GOOD LUCK…Heres hoping It’s In your price range Tracy 🙂 So you can finally get a shower thats made for you. That one looks cool!! 😎



  6. Fantastic!!..love the way the door swings open and the shower seat..spot on..looks like a winner, hope it is affordable. xxoo


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