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Taking a shower…

ALONE!! lol I have been trying to find the perfect ‘bathroom’ for my crippled butt. 😛 Had a few ideas, but wow they were either really time consuming or way tooooooo expensive. So, today while surfing the net for more ideas I came across those bathtubs for people who need a lil help entering and exiting etc. Well they have a new style now.

The shower series: http://premier-bathrooms.com/showers/

cool beans

open door

This would fit in our existing shower area:

out with the old

With the new one there is no step up, the doors open out of the way so no maneuvering around them. There is a built in shower chair  that folds up for space when not needed by me. Handrails, easy access shower heads and the list goes on. So, basically, it’s perfect.

woo hoo

Not sure on the cost, so put a call in for an estimate. Pray it’s not too way out there for us. This could be the answer to my dreams!!

**crossing fingers**

Maybe, the luck of the Irish will help me today!! HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!

Blessings and hope!