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A True OMFG moment!!

So, yesterday I was just hanging out in my room, on my bed and cruising around the net on my MAC.

My doggies:


… decided they wanted to go out. This, for me, is a feat. With all three of them jamming the door, I cannot get my WC in to open the slider. So, I hang on to my laptop table, file cabinet and try and step over to get the door. I am getting pretty good at it except for when they get really excited and knock me over. Well, yesterday, I started to fall and my laptop table got pushed against the file cabinet where I had a candle on a candle heater. OMFG, smash, bam, boom… I looked down and the table had knocked over the candle and it went all over the place. Now, if it had just gotten on my carpet, no biggie… BUT…it got on my I Love Lucy lap table and the worst…my UGG slippers that a truly inspiring woman gave to me as a present!! 😦

I was so upset and completely out of my mind. Called my amazing hubby who said not to worry we WILL get them fixed no matter what it takes. He loves me so!! 🙂 Today I did get some off of the wax off of them. I have UGG cleaners, brushes and all the gear needed, but I am going to find an actual place that cleans UGG.

On the good side, they did not get on the inside, so I am still wearing them. Woo Hoo!! I have 4 pair of UGG boots and these slippers. The slippers are my favs as the inspiring woman who gave them to me, means the world to me. No matter what happens, I will wear these until the soles fall off. [which will be never as they are UGG’s!

For those who care, I will keep you update on my UGG cleaning endeavor!!

Blessings and Hope!!

20 thoughts on “A True OMFG moment!!

  1. If you freeze them the wax will crack and is easier to remove – then it’s just removing the oil in the wax ….


  2. I’m sure Lu may chime in with some ideas for cleaning up as well, but when I get it on the carpet or other fabrics (yeah, I have those moments, too!), a brown paper bag and an iron works wonders! Put the bag over the wax and then take the hot iron and run it back and forth.

    The heat melts the wax and the bag absorbs it… including the oils!

    Hey, look at it this way: now your slippers will always smell fresh! 😉


  3. I am sure they have someone who can get the wax off and get them cleaned, theres gotta be a UGG professional 🙂 I love My UGGs also and I try very hard not to get any dirt on them. So glad the wax didn’t get Inside your slippers, by the way, very Nice slippers at that. How sweet of the person who gave them to you also ❤

    Glad to hear you are ok.
    ((((HUGZ)))) or should I put ((((UGGZ)))) tee hee 😉

    ps…love the pics of your dogs


    1. Trust me I will find it too!! lol

      I am just sick about it!! 😦 But, it will work out, I know it!!

      and ty for my puppies! lol

      hUGGzzzz 🙂


  4. OOps!! All I could think as I read this was at least you nor the pooches got hot wax on yourselves. I would have suggested what another friend did, freezing the slippers.

    Loved seeing those doggy faces!!

    (((Hugs))) oxox

    oh, btw, there are other ways of dealing with our winter hairy legs than hot waxing!! 🙂


    1. Believe me, after the initial shock I was very glad we did not get any on us. Especially my babies.

      U so bad, and I like my winter hairy legs!!

      TY 😛


  5. I have no solutions, but it is good to file the ideas you are getting here. I just hope I’ll remember them if I ever need to. Keep us posted on the de-waxing project.


  6. Well my word!!! I was getting ready to give you the same suggestions Vicki and feathermaye gave you! Be sure to not have your iron on steam!!!

    My first thought was it burned you and your adorable babies! So glad it was only things that got a hot wax treatment! 🙂


    1. Slippers are still in the fridge. My Lucy tray lost the clear coat when the wax came off, so rog is going to try and fix that too.

      Very glad it missed my babies!! 🙂

      TY for the non-steam note!


  7. Awww, I’m so sorry and I can relate to your experience…
    The carpet in my office is also dotted with the crimson wax of my clove scented candle from Light Fandango candles!

    I really don’t know how I did it. I must have been passionately waving my arms around while telling somebody something and sent wax flying when my hand hit the edge of the candle.

    So ugh!– about our carpet and your Uggs.
    But yay!– about your wonderful hubby and that we didn’t burn our houses to the ground. Yes?

    Much love,


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