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It’s all in how you look at it really.

As many of you have read, I spilled wax on my favorite pair of UGG slippers that were given to me as a gift from an ‘inspiring’ woman. No one can remove the wax. It was too much and too deep in the sheepskin. So, my heart was broken. Today, a Zappos box came. Inside were a new pair of UGG slippers. The only difference is the color. My husband ordered them for me when he realized the others could not be saved. I was so socked as my hubby is awesome, but never thought he would do this. He thinks my shoes fetish is nutzzz. lol I was also a tad sad as my other pair are from someone I so adore. I will not throw them out. I packed them back in their box and am hoping that at some point there will be something to clean them.


Last week I actually got new pieces on my site A Fabulous Flair . Since my Hospital stay I have hibernated in my room. So, I pulled up my bootstraps and created! It felt so good to get something done and finished.

Brownie Blues

One of my new pieces. I just love the brown and blue together! If you find something you like, mention my blog and get 10% off.


I also have gone through the break-up of a friendship. I have come to the realization that her ‘throwing’ me away was the best thing ever! I feel so much more positive and that old adage, ‘a weight was taken off my shoulders’. It is true, once toxic is gone, you feel so much better. The negativity is gone, the back stabbing and back talking is gone. I always felt so drained after speaking with her. Now, I am full! So, I guess I should say thanks. I wish her the best of everything and hope she can truly find her peace.



I would like to ask you all for prayers today. A good friend, BFF Kat, needs some good thoughts, blessings, prayers whatever you do. She had to put her doggy down last week which was so hard for her. Then she had to have some tests done. Something in the test was found and she has to go back for additional testing. Please keep her in your heart for a good outcome. She is an amazing friend, mommy, and wife. I feel in my heart it will be ok, but extra blessings can never hurt!! I loves ya my mini-me!!


Blessings and Hope!

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A True OMFG moment!!

So, yesterday I was just hanging out in my room, on my bed and cruising around the net on my MAC.

My doggies:


… decided they wanted to go out. This, for me, is a feat. With all three of them jamming the door, I cannot get my WC in to open the slider. So, I hang on to my laptop table, file cabinet and try and step over to get the door. I am getting pretty good at it except for when they get really excited and knock me over. Well, yesterday, I started to fall and my laptop table got pushed against the file cabinet where I had a candle on a candle heater. OMFG, smash, bam, boom… I looked down and the table had knocked over the candle and it went all over the place. Now, if it had just gotten on my carpet, no biggie… BUT…it got on my I Love Lucy lap table and the worst…my UGG slippers that a truly inspiring woman gave to me as a present!! 😦

I was so upset and completely out of my mind. Called my amazing hubby who said not to worry we WILL get them fixed no matter what it takes. He loves me so!! 🙂 Today I did get some off of the wax off of them. I have UGG cleaners, brushes and all the gear needed, but I am going to find an actual place that cleans UGG.

On the good side, they did not get on the inside, so I am still wearing them. Woo Hoo!! I have 4 pair of UGG boots and these slippers. The slippers are my favs as the inspiring woman who gave them to me, means the world to me. No matter what happens, I will wear these until the soles fall off. [which will be never as they are UGG’s!

For those who care, I will keep you update on my UGG cleaning endeavor!!

Blessings and Hope!!