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In Dreams…

She was in a daze, looking around, everyone she knew was there, parents, children, friends, in a large chair, people touching her face, fixing her hair, makeup, this is a gift to you they say. People she did not know, brushing, coloring, cutting her hair. Don’t touch my hands, I just did my nails. No, stop, do not touch my feet, they hurt. Darkness.

Her eyes open slowly, she sits up and sees the mirror. She looks into the mirror not sure how she got across the room. She is crippled, yet she is young and beautiful again. Thin. A wig? A long curly wig sits atop her head. Take it off. Her hair is red again, and long. But they were cutting it. Extensions? She shes her young body in the mirror, thin, sexy, she wants to hide.

The people come in the room. ‘Ah, you are awake now!’ She glides across the floor to them, looking down at her feet skimming atop the wooden floor. How did I get up here? Who put me in these clothes? Laughter fills the room, whispers. Come out and see all who love you.

People are everywhere. Where is my husband? In the fields. The fields? Kittens everywhere… not to worry I know who to call to save them all. Blink…

Back in the room, alone. She looks in the chipped black framed mirror and smiles. Awaken!


Blessings and hope…

© 01/08/2010

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