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On the soapbox…

IF there was a way to cure my progressive MS and/or control it, I’d have been the first one to find it!! There is NO cure for MS. Yes, it can be controlled, remission in Relapsing Remitting MS [rrms] Yes, the right diet, exercise etc is good for me and everyone else. Sorry, I cannot exercise like everyone else. I have to use a motorized pedaler for my legs. I CANNOT pedal without help!

Protein shakes, diet shakes, whatever you wanna call em are NOT real food. They are processed ingredients. Whey protein is dairy based, and in my research the less the dairy, the better I feel. [less dairy is better for people with MS] Aspartame, Stevia, Splenda not good! What do you think makes their appearance white, bleach! Our bodies need real sugars, good sugars, raw sugar. It really is common sense. Things man made are not natural and do not belong in our bodies. I believe food is a big part of all the disease in our world today. You can go with me or not on this one, I do not care. I’ve done the research, hours and hours of it.

I’m jazzed if putting this crap in your MS filled body works for you, but do not tell others they can ‘heal’ their bodies by doing it. Shakes will not your body heal!! Especially if part of your miraculous discovery goes along with someone buying this product off of you. RRMS people can be in remission forever, there is no telling why or how, it just happens. I pray that they remain there and this lifestyle works for them. But do not ‘sell’ false hopes to others.

Again, I’ve done the research and eaten the RIGHT foods with minimal exercise, lost the weight and felt tons better. But, for some of my MS symptoms, I need the medication. Do, I want it, no. It’s a necessity. I tried going off of all of them and almost took my own life. No shake or workout is going to heal my progressive form of MS. I do appreciate the thought of ‘go check this out’ but not when the advertising gets dangerous.

So please people, do your research, find the best route for you, but do not act as though it is the only route. And inevitably, if they want you to try the product and they receive some kick back….well, nuff said!

Soapbox off!

Blessings and Hope!!

9 thoughts on “On the soapbox…

  1. Tracy, my sweet friend, I could not say it better. It is sooooooooo important to RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH everything that comes out that makes the kind of claims some products make. I mean, do you remember the big fuss over phen-phen? Look how many people died because of that crap – and ephedrine, too. It’s because people just didn’t do their research; not only that, but anyone who is looking for a “quick weight loss” is just **begging** for trouble down the line. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt, didn’t like it.

    So, thank you for sharing your thoughts about what the realities are, my friend. I don’t have MS, but I do have fibro – and research has shown that in some cases, fibro can lead to MS – so I can appreciate the need for warnings like yours. Again, thank you. ((((HUGS)))

    And, as per your advice, I will definitely remember to breathe, and breathe some more…. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. I see so much for the MS’ers out there and it is all so confusing. Eat red meat, don’t eat it. Well I eat it and follow the paleo way and, for me, it works. Real food for real people. We have canine teeth for God’s sake, we are meat eaters.
      note: only buy and eat free range meats! That is the issue. lol
      love ya holly


  2. …what a shame, I was going to sell you a great shake mix I’ve got here – only $100 a week, $90 in my purse if you take it. It won’t work but you’ll be worrying about money so much it’ll take your mind off everything else…




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