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When you fall, remember to get back up…

So, yesterday took a bit of a fall. Luckily it was on the way back from the potty or it might have been really bad. [if you get my meaning] 😛 I just kind of tilted a bit with my walker. Knew i was going down so prepared for it. As I landed on my bum I fell back and brushed my head down the entertainment center in our room. Didn’t hit it hard, just kind of slid down it. Did it hurt? Not so much, but my bum is sore! lol And when I fell I kind of tightened my body so a bit sore today. No real tears, but a bit of a giggle thinking I need video of these falls. I would so win America’s funniest home video shows! lol My neck got the worst of it from snapping back. Thank God for muscle relaxants!

The hardest art is getting up. Took me around 15 minutes. I had to crawl to a low spot to get my bum on something to be able to get up and grab my walker. So, here I am crawling while pushing my walker ahead of me. Then, slide on to the bathtub side and find the strength to get up and grab my walker. I am very ‘talkative’ while doing this. Cussing, telling the MS it will not break me. Telling it that I will get up and when I do to look out. My 3 dogs didn’t help the matter as they were worried and all over me as I was doing this. I was thinking I could wait for the kids to get home, then realized it would be about a 4 hour wait. So not sitting on the floor for 4 hours! lol

I finally got back to my bed and promptly fell asleep. The kids got home, made me something to eat and then fell asleep again. Logged on to blog talk radio for She Speaks to Inspire and fell asleep. I could not stay awake for anything. I get a bit scared when I feel like this. Afraid one day I may fall and not be able to get back up. It gets me thinking I should only use my wheel-chariot. But, I cannot do that. I will walk, even if it is only a few feet with a walker until I am no longer able to. Stubborn, yes I am and that is what keeps me going when I want to give up and throw in the towel.

I will never give in, nor will I give up.

Blessings and hope!

6 thoughts on “When you fall, remember to get back up…

  1. Glad you weren’t seriously hurt! I’ll have to say I’m getting good at the art of falling too, making sure it’s not a hard landing. And yeah, don’t even think about trying to stand up if you are on a linoleum floor unless you are barefoot or wearing shoes! Be as stubborn about walking as you want, me too, my dad always said and I will always live by it, use it or lose it!


  2. Hey maybe we can have like a house (in the UK) where we videotape our spills, falls and other antics…oh and the drug induced episodes….then we can set it up like the porn web cam girls, of course without the porn…but then maybe use porn as a teaser….cause there are some sick freaks ot there….just sayin’


  3. So glad you were not seriously hurt, don’t ever give up, I know it’s hard at times, but you have to believe that soon something will be invented for MS to make your life a lot more easier.


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