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I cannot seem to find myself anymore. I feel so lost lately. People think I am all together most days, and most days I try to be. It gets so hard keeping that mask on but most do not want the ‘real’ me. I am sooooo friggen angry and pissed off at this fucking disease. I’m primary progressive and the realization of it just hit me. I am going to get worse. So please do not tell me anymore it could be worse!! It is! I hate feeling like this. I’m not a quitter, not a poor me pour me drink kind of girl. But lately I cannot pull those damn bootstraps back up!

I cannot seem to ‘wake’ up. I am so tired all the time. I get up, get the kids off to school and then lie back down. I want to get up, make jewelry, anything, but I have no energy for it. Just getting in my chair, bringing my computer and my things out to my table is so tiring for me. Man, call me a whaaambulance please! I get so mad when I feel this way. I hate when others whine and hate even more when I do. And here I am doing what I hate. I guess it’s better to write it out here than whine to my family. They have to deal with enough already.

I see all these ‘self help’ articles, books, BS!! They make me crazy. They all say the same damn thing. Be good to yourself, love others, love yourself, blah blah blah… No shit, common sense maybe. Look at your life, change the things that are wrong and work on yourself and your relationships. Find the root of the problem and deal with it head on. What were your dreams? Find them, go do them. WTF!! Not everyone CAN do what they intended. Sometimes life throws youobstacles. That’s when you need to change the dreams you once had. I had dreams, hopes. Now all those dreams and hopes had to change. I look all around for something else to fill those voids. But, being unable to move much hinders those as well. I WANT to work. I hate not being able to. Trying to find a legitimate work-at-home job is almost comical. If I had money up front to pay these jokers, I would not need their stoopid job. Maybe I should write a ‘self help’ book. All it takes is a bunch of BS and a cool cover to sell.

So how does one ‘deal’ and or ‘get over it’? I have heard those lame ass comments more than i can say. “Well you just have to deal with it.” or “You need to learn to get over it”. REALLY!? You get MS or any other chronic condition and you deal with it or get over it. Or, better yet, SHUT UP and do not speak! Easy peasy. Actually I do deal with it, hence my different mask for different occasions. Getting over it is a different story as daily I am reminded by the fact I cannot walk and am so fatigued I cannot get out to my front room in my own home. I am reminded daily when I try to sit up and the pain hits me like a locomotive.

I sit here in a fog, getting hard to even know what to write anymore. I lose my train of thought in a split second. I get a thought but then cannot seem to get it out on ‘paper’ in the same way I am thinking it. My cognitive issues seem to be getting worse, and that is the hardest part for me right now. I am a smart woman and the thought of losing my cognitive abilities scares the shite out of me, even more than incontinence at 45.

So, I just read over this and am shaking my head. Do I publish or do I delete? Do I edit or do i leave as is? Well, I publish and leave as is. These are my feelings right now and this is a way for me to vent them out. So, you ask, how I’m feeling. I’ll tell you, I am not feeling anything…

Blessings and hope!

3 thoughts on “Lost…

  1. Tracy, feel free to call me ANYTIME, day or night, no matter what time it is….I perfectly understand your feelings and I have found it quite therapuetic (sp?) to talk to you….if I can return the comfort I want to be there for you. ((HUGS))


  2. I am always around. If you need to talk or just vent, you can email me. I know these feelings too. Some days are easier than others.

    I write to vent too, I write here so I’m not overloading my hubby.

    Tender Hugs oxox


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