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Hotel Hell update!!

After my blog yesterday, the Fabulous Vicki Day tweeted it to @hiltononline. Well soon after, hiltononline tweeted me asking me to dm them. I did, and after a few dms they called me.

The explanation was, to say the least [the very least], comical! Really, all I heard was blah, blah, blah.

The gentleman who phoned was very business like and polite. I’m sure the typical PR guy. The reasoning behind the reservation person saying that I could reserve the room, but no guarantees, was due to… get this, here it comes… natural disasters! You know, floods, earthquakes, even fires. You see if they guarantee the room and this happens then issues can arise. Seriously… do I sound [or look like] I have STUPID written on my forehead? I mean really, if that happens the majority of people would understand. It was very hard for me to keep from lmao and saying something sarcastic.

Marriott had no problem guaranteeing my room.

I explained that I told the guy [reservationist] that if I got there and the room was gone, I would expect my money back so I could go elsewhere and was told, no, there is a 48 hours cancellation policy. PR guy said that if that happened they would definitely accommodate me and find me the proper room I needed. Now I’m confused, do they not train the reservationists? [maybe Paris trains them, oh wait she does nothing] If the RG [reservation guy] had explained the natural disaster problem [roflmao] I would have said okay! But, I know, from experience that the real issue is someone coming in before we get there, needing a roll in shower and them giving it to that person. How do I know this… because  this was done for me at the Hilton Garden Inn when my friend and I had a mom’s night away. [now I feel like shit for that] We said we would go elsewhere, but he said, no he could change the rooms. Anything for a buck!!

Like the Hilton's need more money... grrrrr

The PR guy also said he would give me their direct number, and in the future I can call them directly and they will get the manager to make sure I get the room reserved. Just train your fucking employees.

So there you have it! Again, all I heard was blah, blah, blah!


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Hotel HELL

In my head I do not ‘see’ myself as crippled. I just see me. Unfortunately there are little issues that pop up to remind me.

Next week we are heading to Carlsbad/San Diego so I can go see my Uncle, the dentist. Finally going to find out what’s happening with my painful mouth. We usually stay with my parents in Carlsbad at their home, but it can be rough for me with no ‘crippled’ access. Roger and I decided we would stay in a hotel nearby with the roll in showers and accessible rooms. We had stayed at the Hampton Inn Carlsbad once before and it was perfect. Now, here’s where the fun starts. I called to make a reservation making sure I could get a roll-in shower room. They said they were booked for those rooms on those dates but had an ADA bathtub room. I explained that will not work for me and he said to try the hotel next door, the Homewood Suites by Hilton. Okay, cool. I thanked him and called. The Homewood Suites had no availability for these rooms either so he said he would call the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad. By now I’m feeling a bit nervous and stressed and crippled. All this to get a hotel room? I figured 3rd times the charm, right? Wrong!

The Hilton Garden Inn had roll-in shower available rooms. Woot woot! Not so much. Now we could pay for and ‘reserve’ this room…but…they can not guarantee we will get the roll-in room. Ummmmm, what? I’m paying for the reservation [reserving] the roll-in room, but you cannot guarantee it. WTF! Basically, we can pay for it, but once we get there is may not be available and we will get an ADA bathtub room. Now I’m not only confused but getting angry and tearing up. I ask the guy why the other hotel has the rooms and also has them reserved for the people. [why I couldn’t get one there] He’s sorry but there will be no guarantees for the roll-in room. I explain that if we pay for it and it is not available that I will need to cancel and get my money back so I CAN find a hotel with the room I need. He explains that no money will be refunded as it’s a two day cancellation policy. I then explained that the ADA will not be happy to hear about this.

After a few no so nice, yet adult like comments, I hung up. Wow, I can’t even get a hotel room… I really am crippled! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

I call my parents and burst into tears explaining what happened. After a few minutes, I calmed down, [thank you Cheryl] regained my composure, and realized I can tough it out for two days in their house. It’s just the bathrooms that cause me stress.

Now that I was composed, I noticed there was a Marriott nearby as well. I figured, maybe the 4th time is the charm and fuck Hilton! 😛

Dialing the number, crossing everything, I call The Courtyard By Marriott Carlsbad. [oh please, oh please] My first question to the sweet voice on the other end was, “Do you have roll-in shower rooms?” She says yes. My second question was, “If we reserve one, will we be sure to get one?” She says yes, they will reserve it and put a block on that room for me!!! HALLELUJAH…HALLELUJAH Really, I heard music! So this  lovely girl made our reservations, blocked the room, and instantly sent me a confirmation.

Marriott - a crippled persons dream! :p

My stress was lifted, my spoons replenished. I will NEVER deal with Hilton again. They may be and have accessible rooms, but they are NOT cripple friendly. Marriott, you are my new love, Thank You!!

Love and light peeps!