MS Awareness Month day 18 and BS Blue Cross

This may be a hard one for many. But I understand it completely. And myself, I’ve tried to leave this earth a couple of times. I’m still not sure why it didn’t work and I still think about it every day. After what happened this afternoon talking to Independence Blue Cross, I wasn’t sure I could find my way back. In A nutshell they will not cover me getting non-emergent transport to and from my doctors appointments. after their own representative told me I would be covered, now they’re saying I’m not unless it’s to a hospital. So basically I’m not sure how I’m gonna get to my doctor(s) anymore. Because they denied me rehab I’m still trapped in my bed since August 18 of 2019. I can’t emphasize enough that without that type of rehabilitation and care I won’t ever get out of this bed. If I were able to get on the rooftops that’s where I would be screaming it from. Again, WITHOUT ACUTE REHAB I WILL NEVER GET FREE FROM MY PRISON!!!! NEVER!!

So now I have $950 which I will be billing the insurance company for since their own representative is the person who got me all the phone numbers for these non-transport companies and told me to go ahead and do it. So if  Independence Blue Cross won’t pay for it it’s gonna come out of one of their pockets. I had to fill out the out-of-network forms for these services. It’s a little crazy to me that a company like Independence Blue Cross has no transport services in-network where I live. Well actually they do, but each one of them told me they don’t accept it because Independence Blue Cross doesn’t pay the claims. Imagine that, bless their little fucking hearts.

I really want one of their ignorant and incompetent medical doctors that denied me to come to my home and actually look at me. I want them to see me and see what being bedridden has done to my body. But you know they won’t. They do what they do to keep their paycheck by denying patients life-saving care. I know I say this over and over again, but how do those evil fucks sleep at night knowing that thanks to them people are dying and not getting the care they need.

The best part is to get a pre-certification to be allowed this transport to get to the hospital only, my doctors have to call every time. Yes because my actual intelligent medical doctors need to take time out of their day to let these incompetent people know that I, in fact, need this type of transport. I guess they don’t have computers or are completely ignorant and don’t know how to use them by putting notes in showing that I’m allowed this service. As I see how their company works, I get it… They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Seriously, I wouldn’t believe this if it wasn’t happening to me. I would never have believed that the people that we give our hard-earned money to in case things like this arise, are doing everything they can to kill me. 

Like I said I completely understand this picture and what it means. Right now I think I’m going to get myself lost in anything I can find on the television. After learning this today, this strong warrior is breaking. I have been fighting with these bastards for seven months. I really wanted to be able to get it taken care of between myself and that company. But it looks like my big mouth is going to have to go more public. So stay tuned, the fun is only beginning.

Have courage and be kind.

*** i’m so sorry if this is all over the place again, but I’m hanging on by a thread and I’m just trying to get it all out there. Thank you for bearing with me. 🖤

2 thoughts on “MS Awareness Month day 18 and BS Blue Cross

  1. My friend, never say you are sorry and I will always listen. I am curious, do you have Medicaid in your state? Is it possible to go off Roger’s insurance and apply for assistance? There are plenty of able bodied people on it, just come to the inner city of Philadelphia, so why would they deny someone with a disability..again just curious. ♥️♥️

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    1. I can get Medicare through SSDI but that was going to cost me more than my husband‘s insurance. To get assistance through Medicaid I would have to divorce my husband though. And that’s not something I wanna do, yet. LOL


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