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Furbaby Love

I just thought I would share a little bit of what makes me smile every day. My children with paws 🐾

Clockwise from top left: Soloh, Charlie (girl), Gatsby, Zoe (kitty),  and Dexter Morgan.


Soloh. She never leaves my side. She actually saved my life. 🧡Pittie-mix the best dog you could ever love.

All rescues, as in my mind, rescue IS the only breed!

This handsome bearded dragon was Stewie.  He is and will always be the only bearded dragon I will ever love. 😉 He was awesome!

Animals are forever! They love you unconditionally and they should always be treated like family. I am against breeding as I believe until they all have a home it should be stopped. There really is no need for designer dogs. So please, adopt, Don’t shop! I know breeding will never stop completely but until we can clear out the shelters and stop the murder of so many healthy beautiful animals we need to rethink breeding for the time being.  And, FYI, you can find many purebreds in the shelters and breed-specific rescue’s. So there really is no reason to go to a breeder.  I will now step down off my soapbox. 😂🤣


As always, have courage and be kind!


4 thoughts on “Furbaby Love

  1. Your fur kids are precious and I love their names..Charlie is so cute! I miss my Brandy (dog), Witty, Buddy, Berger (kitty), Pete & Hercules (hamsters)…they were all special in their own way. I was always sick though, so after they all passed..I made the painful decision for my health sake to care only for fish and our numerous wild birds, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. I so miss having an indoor fur baby, but hopefully down the road, we can have some chickens and maybe a dwarf pig..time will tell!

    Peace my friend! ♥️♥️

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  2. I loved this!!! I do find that our furbabies bring SO much joy to our lives. Animals do not know hate or even real anger, they only show us never-ending and unconditional love! It amazes me how cats and dogs are able to get along, but so many people with differences are not able to. Maybe if everyone took animals perspectives into play, the world would be much happier!

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  3. Our cat Zoe literally runs the roost. LOL she makes sure the dogs stay in line. Quite amusing how she messes with them and they just know that they cannot bother her. 😉


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