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Just stuff

Have courage and be kind

**Random quotes found on the net that touch my soul…

5 thoughts on “Just stuff

    1. When I find these quotes on the Internet sometimes when people put them in a meme they come out grainy and don’t look nice. LOL I’m getting back into my graphics program so I’m making my own backgrounds for them. 😉
      The second one is pretty much my favorite. I’m glad you loved them.

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      1. Not only do I love quotes, but I love playing with graphic designing! Actually I played with designs with the post I did today. I didn’t use quotes just my own thoughts on a blank canvas! It is amazing how much fun you can have with new designs and quotes!!
        Funny that the second quote resonates with both of us!!

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  1. I love both of theses quotes. Sometime I look at my life and think I want to give up but that’s so true. Why would I be given this life? Maybe because God know I am a strong person and I can handle it. Crying is good. It has some sort of chemical in it (the same chemical produced from breastfeeding I think) which makes us feel good. I will try and remember this quote everytime I feel like giving up.


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