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Just be you!!

Lately I’ve been realizing that I was always one of those people that worried about what other people thought. I know most of you probably don’t think that, but that’s exactly how I was. I hid it very well  with my “tough“ persona,  but I always wanted to please people. My time in physical therapy rehab changed me completely. I’m now the person that I always wanted to be and if people can’t handle me, then I don’t need them in my life. I’m going to be that tough girl who fights and doesn’t let people walk over her anymore! I used to go out of my way to do things for people that never really cared. And I don’t expect a pat on the back of or even a thank you. But you know those people I’m talking about. The ones who we just have to be friends with when in reality they are no better than us. But for some reason we always thought they were, so we would go out of our way to get them to be friends with us.

I just never thought I was good enough. I thought to make friends I had to buy things, always be the ride, always be the brunt of jokes. I allowed it so it’s my problem and not theirs, but I will NOT allow it anymore. To be friends with me you have to take the good with the bad, and all of the crazy. I’m not going to change anymore for anyone! It’s nuts how it took me nearly 54 years to figure all of this out. Better late than never comes to mind. ☺️

I lie here at night, and when I can’t sleep I just have so many thoughts that go through my head. I just don’t know how to put it down on paper. So I talk text and say what I feel. Half the time I can’t remember my thoughts from the night before. I’ll just blame MS cog fog. LOL I mean if you have to have a disease then by all rights use it as a great blame tool.  It’s those voices in my head that don’t let me quit. It’s those voices in my head that make me strong. It’s that little inner child that comes up to the surface when I need her.

Self discovery that’s really a great thing!

Have courage and be kind…

4 thoughts on “Just be you!!

  1. Good Morning my friend! Boy, can I relate to what you wrote. I have lived in and just outside of a terrible city for the last 34 years, not being from this area originally, and not realizing how incredibly mean and vicious people are here.

    People who would take advantage of my good nature, verbally abuse me, hurt me when ever they got the chance…no fucking more..I would rather live my life alone in peace than surrounded by greedy, rude, mean-spirited, jealous creeps.

    Thank you Tracy, you are a voice of reason and love and a heart of gold. ♥️♥️

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  2. I don’t know why people just can’t be nice to one another. Being kind is not that hard.

    I think some people are seriously just born mean. And I don’t know how anybody could be mean to you. ♥️


  3. Aww. The Peanuts. I love it.
    Just wanted to let you know I have a new website up and running if you want to continue to follow me and keep up to date with my posts. My Facebook page is Allheart Australia which you’ll recognise the symbol and my Twitter page is AllheART
    There are some new blog posts on there you might all want to read and some more to come if you follow me.
    Also wanted to let you know that I’ve updated three of my other blog posts and added new things, new suggestions of colouring in books etc.
    The follow button isn’t quite working on my new page so you will have to add your email to subscribe to updates and manually copy paste my website address into your followed sites.

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