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This whole positive, optimistic thing is really new to me. I grew up in a somewhat negative family. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of love, but also negativity. These type of behaviors are learned. When you’re around negative forces it rubs off on your psyche. Now there were happy, positive times for sure, but looking back a lot of negative as well. And it was ‘taught’ in previous generations. It didn’t just start in my family, and it took me 53 years to realize this. The realization came while I was in rehab. The positivity train that that took over during that time made me re-evaluate a lot of of my life.

Again, there were a lot of positive things in my life. Unfortunately, negativity always took over many of the positive aspects. The issue I am running in to now is others in my life aren’t in the same place I am. I’ve also realized that the so called positive people in my life, truly were not all the positive. They preached positivity, but honestly didn’t live it. I have had to rid myself of many toxic things and/or people as of late. And while it is sometimes sad, I am actually okay with it. I finally understand the concept of, you have to take care of yourself first, or you cannot help anyone else.

I have found myself more than once falling back into that angry negative place. When that happens, I pause, take a breath and move on. I just give myself a little space from the negative forces that be. It’s been a very hard journey to get where I am at today. I will not let anyone take away my new outlook. Sadly, I feel like there are a few out there trying to do just that. Like I said, they’re still in that not so good place. I truly hope they can find their way out of it, but either way I will not go back.


We truly are in charge of our own happiness no matter the hardships in our life. Believe me, it would be very easy for me to just lie down and die. And, I almost did just that. I will not go back there and I will not let anyone steal my happiness. I will not let anyone takeaway my new positive, optimistic, and determined heart. I have worked too hard in the last two months to get to this place. I also will not apologize for it.

Just a small glimpse in to the life that is me. I will get back to the journey that got me here… eventually. I hope those of you following/reading my blog are living your life to it’s fullest potential. We ALL deserve to be happy, no matter the circumstance.

Have Courage and Be Kind


12 thoughts on “Positivity…

  1. There’s that saying that misery loves company, some people want people at their level….like you can be happy, but not too happy…I am glad you are staying positive, it is hard to maintain…stay strong!

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  2. Baby, I can relate..negative people, places, situations have plagued me all my life..not anymore, fuck those who want to drag me down..my life changed in 2008, but has progressed for the better….baby steps and big girl panties my friend..you got this Mama! ♥️♥️♥️

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  3. i can totally relate! There is SO much negativity in the world it makes it extremely difficult to find the positive! I do my best to remain positive, but every time I talk to my mother or even husband they are engulfed in the negatives of life! A negative attitude is very draining and very depressing. Of course is is not easy to stay positive, but we all need to do our best to find the positives and even teach others around us too see the happiness in life! This was a great post, thank you so much for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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    1. It really just sucks the life out of me when I’m around negativity. I’m trying so hard to find one good thing every day to hold on to and find the positives. I’m really hoping that my new outlook will rub off on those around me.
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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      1. It is really sad how much negativity there is out there! I do not think people realize what ever they are going through could be much worse! I think you are doing a great job with making the attempt to find positive daily! I think it makes a big difference and only wish more people would accept this challenge!! Have a great weekend!!

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  4. This is beautiful. Being positive… especially at this time in history can definitely be a struggle. I believe in acknowledging the emotions we find ourselves feeling in that moment… but we needn’t live in those emotions… especially negativity. It drains the life out of you as well as those around you.

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    1. Exactly! I was finding myself living in those emotions. It wasn’t a good place to be. I’m a work in progress and hopefully, no I know, but I’ll stick with positivity any day! ♥️


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