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Facebook banned me for 12 hours!!!

Facebook banned me for the 12 hours because of a link, FACTUAL LINK, posted to my patrick page in 2012 …. srsly over one year ago, and someone reported it just now!!!

There are court documents regarding this case and the animal abuser pleaded ‘no contest’ as she could not prove her innocence. I did my own research and it is factual!!

I posted to my patrick page because she still works with animals!!!! If it had not been true, I would not have posted it. But. I’m sorry, I protect animals and people like this need to be stopped!!

FB had NO right to ban me for the TRUTH!!!

This post is coming from a new account I was forced to make due to being banned. No fake name, as I have nothing to hide!!!

Sad that some feel animal abuse is okay!!! This person who reported the link and anyone helping her have their priorities messed up!! Guess it’s true what ‘they’ say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

This is the link I shared that was reported: Pet

Here are other links with information as well:

Pet ANM profile

Rescue Hall of Shame: Ashley Nicole Miller

The Good the Bad the Unforgivable of Animal Rescue  << gives detailed information pictures, etc

This really irritates me!!! People can make hate groups, porn groups, groups showing violence on Facebook, but when the truth is shown they delete and ban!!!

It’s all about the money!!!

8 thoughts on “Facebook banned me for 12 hours!!!

  1. I fucking hate “FreakBook” and if it suddenly fell off the face of this earth, there would be no tears shed from my face. I hope that pig gets hers in hell for the abuse of Patrick!!!

    Love ya my friend! xoxo


  2. Facebook banned you because what you are posting is NOT factual… And because it is a form of “cyber bullying”… Just because someone is accused of something does not mean they did it… And cyber bullying is a criminal offense as well. Have you personally met me? Have you met my animals? No… you have not. So how would you truly have any clue as to how I take care of them? You wouldn’t… and possibly couldn’t… unless you physically met me and them yourself. What can I tell you??? I have been a cat owner since the age of 4. My entire life, I have been bullied for accusations of people calling me “gay” in the 7th grade, although I am not… up through the military of having to defend soldiers who were being mistreated and getting backlash from my chain of command for doing so, through trying to save the lives of animals and having ACO’s use their badges and power to hurt myself and those animals. There are so many things you do not know about me. Like how much I cry at night because I wish God would bring my dogs back that they illegally took from me… how I’ve lost everything just to fight to clear my name and am still fighting the attack from every angle there is… you have no idea how much I struggle NOT to do anything that would make everyone else so incredibly happy, just because people are full of so much hatred and evil that they wish the worst upon someone just from what they read… Making it through the rain… try having my umbrella… try fixing every single hole that leaks water into your world so much it floods your entire day into a state of depression that all you want to do is sleep it all away… try having to worry every single second that one person will again accuse you of something to where you will lose everything all over again… Try for once listening to the heart that is broken from someone who lost their very best friend of 13 years… a cat… that I had since he was 8 weeks old, rescued from a shelter simply because the animal control he went to did not quarantine properly and when I pulled him he was so sick with distemper my vet was unable to save him… sadly he was PERFECTLY healthy just weeks before they illegally seized my animals and there IS documentation about this. Or how about the fact that AC offered my animals back to me for a huge sum of money… so much money that I could not afford it no matter how much I wanted to get them back, and NOBODY would help me to get them out… what does this mean? It resulted in them murdering several of my rescue cats for SPACE reasons. It resulted in my dogs being dispersed to “rescues” who I found out later were just as corrupt as the people who illegally took them without a warrant… try for once… looking outside the small little box of explosive negativity and look at the things surrounding it… the rest of the story… my story… my struggle… ME. Try that for once… because all of that hatred is just a poor excuse for someone so miserable in their own life that they have to pick on someone else without even knowing them to begin with.

    -Ashley Nicole Miller


    1. All you needed to do was contact me first before FB. All getting my page banned did was stop animals being shared. You didn’t hurt me, you stopped the cross-posting i.e.; hurting the innocents. All I know of you is what your sheet says on your arrest. Fact you were arrested for animal abuse and pleaded no contest. I also saw the type of person you are when you callled people the ‘N’ word, threatened people, and used such foul language it even offended me. And that is hard to do.
      All I ever said was an innocent person would step back, deal with the charges filed, fight them, prove their innocence and then get back in the game once innocence was proven. Working in rescue with an animal abuse charge pending can and will hurt anyone you associate with.
      That was all I ever said until you ripped people apart, called them heinous names and then blocked me. It’s never ok to use the ‘N’ word!!
      I did try to see it from your perspective and you showed your true colors.
      I’m not miserable in my own life. I deal with things you could never understand and fight every day, and am surviving every day. So your opinion means nothing to me.


      1. Obviously it does or it would not have warranted a response… My BEST FRIEND is black… My god children are BLACK… I have cousins who are black… So I am not racist by any means. Carolyn B. Baker was called that because she kept calling me mean and nasty things so that was the reason. As for my plea, that’s what my attorney advised. The prosecutor did NOT want to take me to court. I have a federal suit against Killeen… And finally someone is realizing their corrupt ways because their shelter manager was put on paid administrative leave!!!!!! Amongst other things. There is more to this than you may realize and I did try to speak to you… I tried speaking to all of you… But for some ungodly reason you all have heads shoved so far up your asses that I don’t think even God himself can reach you. As for cursing… I’m a military brat and Army Veteran… I fought for my right to freedom of speech… And if you don’t like what the FUCK I have to say… Maybe you could learn to stop writing and reading SHIT about me that you have NO CLUE about. Were you there when my animals were offered back to me for a ransom? Were you there when they killed my rescue cats? When they shipped my dogs off to rescue illegally without a judge, jury or trial??? Were you? Wake the fuck up lady.


      2. I hadn’t had a single thought about you until this person popped up after 1+ years. It’s you and yours that keep bringing it all up.
        So it seems to be you who needs to wake the FUCK up!


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