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Depression and money!

I’m finding out that depression for me causes over-spending. Now this would be okay if I had an endless supply of funds. Some turn to food, I turn to online shopping… okay food sometimes! 😉

I’m sure many know the feeling. Being homebound with the internet shopping world at my fingertips makes it so hard to ‘just say no!’ Now, I rarely pay for shipping and always get discounts, but it all adds up. I love jewelry and that’s the one thing I can wear all the time, in bed or not. Candles and perfumes are my downfall as well. Clothes for the kids and fun stuff for hubby… the list goes on and on and on.

Depression is a bitch and it comes with many ‘costs’.

I know where my depression comes from, but it’s something i cannot find help for. I get depressed for the obvious reason, my MS, but there is an even bigger depressant I won’t go in to. I’m searching for help with it as I feel my doctors have dropped the ball.

I’m one of the poster children for the saying, “Life sucks and then you die”!

Peace out

2 thoughts on “Depression and money!

  1. 😦 – but you will be wearing wonderful jewelry when you go. And if the smell gets too bad….. you will be able to light the candles!!!!!


  2. Depression sucks and there is never a way to make it tolerable, except taking pills ( I, too know that), but if online shopping makes you happy from time to time, do it..pretty things always make us women feel good, and I know we have to be sensible with money, but life isn’t supposed to be filled with rigidity, but happiness in any form. xoxo


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