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Feeling a bit nutty…

I know, what’s new right? I’m needing a change, so first thing I did was pretty up my blog here with a new design. Love how WordPress has so many cool options.

Not sure if I shared that I am yet again a foster fail! I suck at it. My worry is, what if the people who adopt him are not good. What if they don’t like the fact that he likes to sleep under the covers or between their legs? I actually had NO choice this time as my hubby fell in love with him. Hmmm, so this time it was Rog who was the foster fail!! HA!! 😛

Sleepy Boy Gatsby
Sleepy Boy Gatsby


Yesterday we finally broke down and got new tires my on crip-mobile. They were getting bad, but when you have no dinero what can you do. Thankfully, Sears has that deferred pmt plan so we have 12 mos to pay it off with no interest. We’re heading out of town soon and there was no way I would let us drive that distance on ‘iffy’ tires. Especially not with my kids in the car.


I’m trying really hard right now to focus on other things and fight off the depression. It’s a long hard battle. I usually come out on top, but this time seems different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Normally I ‘joke’ my way out of it, but nothing seems funny right now. I know it will pass eventually… at least I hope it will!

Peace Out peeps! xo

14 thoughts on “Feeling a bit nutty…

    1. I think I’ve learned I have no control either. I just want to keep them all. I’m working on getting better, it’ll happen. We get to go to my baby sister’s wedding shower. I’m so excited about it.


  1. Tracy you are such a kind and wonderful person. I understand depression and I can imagine that for you it is hard to face each day as if it were a battle. You have such strength and beauty that you share with the world.


  2. Aww..Gatsby is a cutie pie! How can one not love that sleepy face and he looks very cozy.

    Wishing you happiness and peace each day, and the depression, that too will subside, I can feel it. Have fun during your trip!!

    Love you! xoxo


  3. Tracy,
    I was just asked by a friend to ‘foster’ her 10 month old female sable and white Siberian Husky for 6 months while she’s moving and getting settled, she has 6 Sibes. I told her “NO!” I know there is no way I could do something like that without wanting to keep her, then the issue of Kodiak getting along with her was an issue as well. I would hate for them to get attached, then remove her from his life. I don’t think I could be anything but a “foster fail”… LOL Just not cut out to fall in love, care and cuddle only to give a fur baby away. Love Ya!


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