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Animals are for LIFE!


If you are not able to care for an animal for LIFE… DO NOT use animals as gifts!

Did you know that March-April is the busiest time for animal dumping at shelters? When the ‘cuteness’ wears off and puppies act like puppies, they end up back in the shelters. Puppies potty in the house, puppies chew anything they can find, puppies are work! If you are not ready for this commitment buy a stuffed toy for your kids. Same goes for kittens and all other animals. REMEMBER, in life shit happens, animals may get sick too, are you ready or able for vet bills? If not, get the stuffed toy!

Be a good responsible person; if you can’t love, teach, or care for an animal and make them part of your family, DO NOT GIVE animals as presents! Furbabies are family and should be treated as such!

Peace out!





2 thoughts on “Animals are for LIFE!

  1. Hi T, how are you? Tried to post, did not show up…I truly agree and wish more people would either spay or neuter their pets as this discourages unwanted pups or kittens…remember that e-mail I sent you about the puppies being found that were skinned (very sick), apparently after investigation, the authorities felt they were fox pups that this was done to, which what is the difference, still cruelty.

    You Rock!……..Happy & Healthy New Year to You!

    Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 21:25:00 +0000 To:


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