Do you get overwhelmed? OMFG… I do all the time.

There are so many things that need to be done for my family and around my home. If I were MS free the shit would be over and done with. My family and house would be rockin’! It’s time for to-do lists I’m thinking. I need to put all the things that need to be done in order by priority. Then figure out how to it all…

I do not start out the day with many spoons, so I must utilize them smartly.

Need Spoons!

There is sooooooo flippen’ much clutter in my home that some places are hard to get into with my wheel-chariot. My closet has become ‘here’s where all the junk goes’ central. And, yes, I’m a bit [huge bit] of a pack rat. It’s hard to let go of things. I guess we could buy a bigger house so I can have a ‘junk’ room… Okay, back to reality!! But, that is an idea! 😛

Where to start:

  • get tax stuff together
  • go through closet and get organized
  • get salvation army pick-up together
  • get all my jewelry pieces together and clean design area
  • find someone to hangs doors and add door guards [to protect from wheelchair, lol]
  • carpets cleaned
  • front closet cleared out

Now these things may sound easy to some, and years ago I would have been done in a couple of days. Now, this stuff could and most likely will take a month or more to complete. Now all I have to do is to decide what to do first and how to get it done!!


Peace out peeps!!

  1. I have to make lists too. I have to decide what’s the most important thing to get done and what can wait. I need to learn to slow down when trying to do things like this because I want to do them like I always used to do them, plow through they quickly and be done, but my body doesn’t allow for that anymore… so for me it’s as much about doing things at a reasonable pace as it is figuring out how to do them. I have a room that really needs to be gutted… I haven’t seen the carpet since before Halloween.. haven’t been able to get to the closet in at least as long. I wish you luck on prioritizing and figuring out how to tackle your list! ((Hugs)) ❤


  2. Mary says:

    I hear ya!! Been working on my house for the last year or so and it is finally coming together. I bought a small kitchen island that hub is putting together this weekend, so that will help with keeping boxed goods in order and a great counter top for me to prepare meals.

    Hey, you got the first step started..making the list! Let me know how things progress.



  3. Deb says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME! Just thinking about what you CAN do and planning it must make you feel a little less overwhelmed. Just remember, most of us have it easier than you, Tracy…but NONE of us is perfect – including you! Be nice to yourself. ❤


  4. Frannie says:

    Wow! You made me tired just reading everything your going to do. I hear ya about getting organized. I’ve been organizing for the past couple months and doesn’t seem to get done. Wen I do get rid of stuff, I go out and buy more stuff to replace it…lol, I’m so bad.

    Good luck and sounds like your ready and raring to go! Have fun 😀


  5. Tracy says:

    My dd Shelby is shampooing the carpets!! YAY! Go Shelby!


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