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Wheelchair seatcovers…

I have had my Jazzy 600 for almost 4 years now. After a while the seats WILL shred and rip. ewwwwww

you know, you've been here

I have been searching for over 1 year for a seat cover for my chair. Due to the arms on the seat it is hard to use a basic cover. I also did not want to have to cut arm holes into the cover. During a Google search I happened to look down at the sponsored links and saw an ad for Cabela’s . I went in to their auto seat covers section and found the Cabela’s Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover. It was inexpensive [at the time 9.99] and was mad of a water-resistant urethane. Perfect. I figured for this price cutting holes in the arms would be ok to do. To my JOY, I did not have to cut anything. It is a shell of sorts.

I know wrinkles, but when seated no one sees. lol
The back, open enough for back seat bag.

The regular price is 19.99 for one seat-cover. It is sturdy and easy to put on. I love the fact no more nasty cuts on my chair or scraping on my legs. If you need a cover for your wheel-chariot, I recommend this.

My on site review:

I have been looking for a seat cover for my Jazzy 600 Power Chair [electric wheelchair] for quite some time. No one carries them. Regular seat covers are hard due to the attached arms and wires on the chair.
I figured, the price was right for this cover and I could cut arm holes. I was so happy to see that no holes had to be cut, and it fit my high-back chair perfectly.
Will be buying a couple more so i have them at the ready.
Thanks to Cableas!

Direct link to the cover is here.

Happy Shopping!

Peace out!

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