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Support Patrick!!

This Friday, May 6th, is the trial for Kisha Curtis. She ‘allegedly’ starved Patrick, put him in a plastic bag, and dropped him from a 19th floor garbage chute. This was to be his ‘burial’, but on this day he was saved.

abused and left for dead

We need to show our support and let our voices be heard and STOP animal cruelty.

Animal abuse is a stepping-stone away from child abuse, and abuse on any person these monsters deem weaker. It is not about the animal or the person;it is about control and power over another living being. It is time to stand together and say, “ENOUGH!”

Please help The Patrick Movement by letting your voice be heard too.


There is a link to a free fax service as well. So, please, take a minute out of your day and help us change the laws and make the abusers pay the price.

Thank you for helping me!

A special shout out to GSVS for the love and care you showed him and continue to show him!

xx, Tracy...

5 thoughts on “Support Patrick!!

  1. I think that they should do to her what she did to Patrick. I have adopted many animals from the humane society and they are my family!!! I think everyone should adopt a animal ones in there lives if they did maybe they would learn the values of each and every life!!!!!


  2. Oh Tracy, I am so sick about this…the tears can’t stop flowing..where can I donate some money to help these sweet creatures? Let me know.


    and a HUGE hug and much love to you for your constant fight against this cruelty!


    1. The best thing to is support your local shelter; old blankets, towels, food, whatever you can do.

      Go to the link and send a fax, we need to let them know this kind of abuse will not be tolerated!!


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