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“Don’t try to win over haters. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer.”

Thanks to my friend Vicki for this amazing quote!

Once a jackass, pretty much always a jackass. I do believe that people can change… some people. But, not everyone can or will change.  There are just some people that thrive on being assholes. Come one, you know it’s true. And I’m sure we all know one or two or even three people like this. And please, no bleeding hearts here. You know the , ‘maybe they had a bad childhood, bad day, etc!’ No, maybe they are just assholes!! I will go with maybe they are genetically fucked up. That can happen. But, mostly back to, maybe they are just assholes!

So the next time you try and be a good person and be the “Jackass Whisperer”, STOP… really you are just wasting your time!

xx, Tracy...


8 thoughts on “Haters…

  1. Yes …….. a good friend told me this as I have had a whole two days of people finger pointing and “you know what you should do” ………
    Excuse me what should I do – something to fit in with your life, your lack of life or your hare brained scheme that you haven’t the balls to do ……. so go on hate me , bite me for just doing my own gig and getting on with my life
    hey feel so much better now I have stopped being the Jackass Whisperer


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