Multiple Sclerosis

Bathroom Day 1 complete

Wow, Tom rocks!!! My bathroom went from this:

out with the old

To this:

Time for tile!

We are shooting for a Saturday finish. Keith, the tile guy, came by to make sure all was going well. Then we were informed ho would not be charging for labor either. It took all I had not to cry. I was so overwhelmed by their generosity. After they left, the tears fell. I looked at Rog and asked why, why would anyone do this for me? Why do I deserve this? These things do not happen to me. He just smiled and said if anyone deserves it, that it is me. Yup, you guessed it…I cried more!! lol These are truly Angels in disguise here on Earth.

Lots of Angels came forward for this. The fab 4o ladies with their donations totaling 1100.00, Universal and their donations of 1500.00, and now these amazing men and their donations of their time and labor! I am still in awe of all these amazing people. There are no words that can express my emotions and my feelings for everyone involved. All that comes out is WOW!!

Blessings and Hope!!

17 thoughts on “Bathroom Day 1 complete

  1. Oh, Tracy, that is so absolutely wonderful! I am so happy for you and your entire family! This is unbelievable! I can’t WAIT to see how it all turns out!!!


  2. You truly do deserve it! I don’t know anyone who would deserve such a wonderful gift of love and generosity more than you! Thank goodness there are some wonderful angels here on earth!


  3. I couldn’t be happier for you sweetie and just can’t wait till you get to use it!
    I think you’re spot on with the angel comment. Sometimes GOD intervenes and sends us just what we need!


  4. So happy for you Tracy! It’s great to see the steps as they are taking place. What a great bunch of people you have around you!!! You are truly LOVED!

    ((((Hugs)))) oxoxox


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