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The Parental units…

My dad and sm Cheryl came down yesterday as a stop over before heading to my sister Kim’s lake resort, 20 Oaks Cottages . They brought their lil puppy, Reilly, and he and Dexter had a blast. [they always do]

Let's Dance

And here’s a lil video of their love!! lol

I’m so excited as I got my juicer, A Breville.

awesome blossom

Roger and Cheryl went to Trader Joe’s and then to Bed Bath and Beyond. Cheryl got this for us. How cool is that. I have a gr8 step-parental unit. We can’t wait to make fresh, healthy juices. No more store bought preservatives for us. YAY!!

They left this morning, and now my Dexter baby is crushed. He keeps going to the front window and door and cries for Reilly. It’s so pathetic. 😛 My poor baby. He doesn’t even want to go outside with his ‘sister’ and ‘brother’ doggies. Oh well, he’ll get over it eventually. 😉

Now we are getting the above ground pool [15 footer] all ready for the summer. Today will be a long day. Get the pool going, Sam’s Club, pool supply store, and get some cooking done. I can’t wait. Keeping busy is helping me tons. I will not over do it though, as I want to keep this feeling for a long time. I’m out!

Blessings and Hope!

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