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Weird day…

Ever have those days where you feel like your living it in another body? And, not in a bad way.

Ruby and I did our show on blog talk radio today, The Padded Room. It was a great time with our guest Linni. Today was part one, and next Thursday we will be doing part 2 with Linni. She has overcome addiction, abuse, and now faces a new chapter in her life, Diabetes. You can hear the archives of today’s show here.

After the show, I did my pedaler, watched a couple more Criminal Minds I had DVR’d, and then got in the shower.

I was planning on hanging out and playing Nintendo with dd#3, then an iCal alarm on my MAC went off. It was time for Amy Harden’s Show, Postcards from OZ, on the rlrn blog talk radio. I got in the chat room and Amy mentioned she was on her own today, no co-host. I told her if she needed me, I’d log in and co-host. It was not something I had planned on doing, but I’m so glad I did. The topic was:
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Keeping a Positive Mindset through Holistic Living with Sandy Guerriere.

It was a great show, and Sandy and me have a lot of the same mindset when it comes to foods and what we put in our bodies in regards to our health. If you get a chance, listen to the archives here. We all had a great time. Thanks to Amy for letting me co-host.

It was all so surreal though. It was like it was me doing all of this today, but yet it was not. Not sure that makes much sense to anyone but me. lol

We just had tostadas for dinner, hubby made, and then I got back on the computer and it was an all freaky feeling kind of happening. lol Kind of like an out-of-body thing. But, again, not in a bad way. Kind of a cool feeling really. Maybe it is a feeling of accomplishment or something. I felt pretty useful today, which does not happen often. So, maybe that’s it…I don’t know, but there you have it!!

Now dd#3 and I will be watching some new DVR’d Criminal Minds, with our men Derek Morgan [Shemar Moore] and Dr. Spencer Reid [Matthew Gray Gubler]!!


Blessings and Hope!!

8 thoughts on “Weird day…

  1. I wouldn’t mind having an out of body experience Into a thinner body 😀

    Did you watch the season finale of Criminal Minds a few weeks ago? or did you just start watching the show? I don’t watch the show but I love watching season finales whether I watch the show or not, yeah I know seems strange but thats me. 🙂

    Well when I was watching It, I had no Idea Shamar played In the show, I was like..WHAT? Dang, I didn’t know…lol… so now I need to buy the dvd’s to catch up on some eye candy, oh and the fact that the finale I watched was GOOD! So the rest of the show must be good also. Ok so I am really just rambling cause I don’t know, maybe too much sleep today. Sorry.. oh by the way I love tostadas!! I make some good ones, that makes me wanna make some this weekend. YUM

    Ok I’m done rambling
    luv yas!


    1. one channel is starting from the 1st season and another is on the third. So I am kind of out-of-sync, but it’s all good. I love it.

      The season finale has me dying or the next season…
      You should totally watch the older ones as well. They are awesome!!


  2. awww…that’s awesome T, I’ll have to go listen to it…you go girl!

    You’ve been busy and quite useful…doing our in & out…no go and enjoy the yumminess that is Dr. Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan.


    1. it was fun. Once I took my headset off, you could hear me better. Time for a new one!! lol

      Now we are off to the yumminess of those men!! rofl
      loves ya


  3. Great to see that you’re feeling differently about yourself, that you’re seeing your usefulness and contribution. Hang on to this feeling!!!

    ((Hugs)) oxoxox


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