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Weird day…

Ever have those days where you feel like your living it in another body? And, not in a bad way.

Ruby and I did our show on blog talk radio today, The Padded Room. It was a great time with our guest Linni. Today was part one, and next Thursday we will be doing part 2 with Linni. She has overcome addiction, abuse, and now faces a new chapter in her life, Diabetes. You can hear the archives of today’s show here.

After the show, I did my pedaler, watched a couple more Criminal Minds I had DVR’d, and then got in the shower.

I was planning on hanging out and playing Nintendo with dd#3, then an iCal alarm on my MAC went off. It was time for Amy Harden’s Show, Postcards from OZ, on the rlrn blog talk radio. I got in the chat room and Amy mentioned she was on her own today, no co-host. I told her if she needed me, I’d log in and co-host. It was not something I had planned on doing, but I’m so glad I did. The topic was:
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Keeping a Positive Mindset through Holistic Living with Sandy Guerriere.

It was a great show, and Sandy and me have a lot of the same mindset when it comes to foods and what we put in our bodies in regards to our health. If you get a chance, listen to the archives here. We all had a great time. Thanks to Amy for letting me co-host.

It was all so surreal though. It was like it was me doing all of this today, but yet it was not. Not sure that makes much sense to anyone but me. lol

We just had tostadas for dinner, hubby made, and then I got back on the computer and it was an all freaky feeling kind of happening. lol Kind of like an out-of-body thing. But, again, not in a bad way. Kind of a cool feeling really. Maybe it is a feeling of accomplishment or something. I felt pretty useful today, which does not happen often. So, maybe that’s it…I don’t know, but there you have it!!

Now dd#3 and I will be watching some new DVR’d Criminal Minds, with our men Derek Morgan [Shemar Moore] and Dr. Spencer Reid [Matthew Gray Gubler]!!


Blessings and Hope!!