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I Love Lucy!!

Random post of my Lucy collection:

I Love Lucy Mattel Dolls [new one arriving soon], lap tray, wall tins, coffee mug, and a checkers game [behind the dolls]

I have all the Mattel Dolls minus the Ethel Santa!!! Someday…lol

Blessings and Hope!

12 thoughts on “I Love Lucy!!

  1. Awsome collection MzTracy 🙂 How come you don’t have the Ethel Santa? Is that one hard to find?



  2. What a cool collection. I didn’t figure you for a Lucy gal… what a neat fact.

    You’ve inspired me, as I’ve been working on documenting my Beatles collectibles.

    (((((Hugs))))) oxoxox


  3. I never was a collector until I had kids. I figured these would be cool things for their kids to see and enjoy as well.

    Get some pics of your Beatles things going!!


  4. The Hallmark Channel had Lucy re-runs for a while and then suddenly it changed…I have always loved that show and your collection is awesome! xo


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