Headaches and Spasms and Pain…Oh My!

Posted: January 20, 2010 in health, mindless-thoughts, multiple sclerosis, Pain, Ramblings
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Three day headaches does not a happy Tracy make!!

It is like water torture; constant pain, split second relief, you smile and bam it comes back. Then due to lying down for the past couple of days, my lower back is on fire, and that makes my legs spasm. Happy, happy, joy, joy!! My whole body feels weak and my parts will not work they way they need to.I’m drained an my body feels ‘floaty’. Rog said, ‘that’s cool'[gotta love him]. hmmmm No babe, not so much.  😦

I called my neuro as I am hoping he will prescribe me something for the pain[s]. My pain med. is not working [figures], all it does is take the edge off. Not acceptable. 😛

So just a quickie! lol Off to lie back down.

Blessings and Hope

  1. Ruby Cantu says:

    you and me in the same boat, I have not been getting good sleep because I can’t lie down for long, making me sleepy during the day…I don’t have any cool floaty feelings..hope you get som relief soon….will try to get on Skype this evening


  2. Kristi says:

    Hugs to you, hope they can give you something to help. do you get bothered by the weather too, is it sucking as bad near you, our ground will not dry for weeks!


  3. R. G. Maines says:

    Well it would seem we are in the same boat… headaches that last for days (weeks) at a time, pain from laying down to recover from the headache that makes it difficult to walk, sit or get around in general.

    Sometimes life just ‘suckity suck suck sucks’



  4. Kat says:

    Aww sweetie.. You living in my body lately? 😛
    Hope you feel better soon.. And hoping they give you some good pain meds.. Love you bunches!


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