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My quote, my new motto…

So last night while creating my [medication induced] blog my mind went blank. As I was trying to find a ‘witty’ way of ending, I put down that I lost my train of thought. I looked at it a few times and and BAM… a thought hit and fit me perfectly. Hence the birth of:

Yes, yes I had to make a mini banner!! lol

Now, I am not sure if it has been said before or not, but for now, it is mine…all mine! 😛 I had friends telling me that it gave them a laugh and they loved it. It makes me very happy when I can turn a [sometimes] bleak blog into something that makes people smile. That’s how I roll! I try to always leave readers with a smile even when my blogs may get a tad depressing. My favorite emotion is laughter through tears, and joy from sadness, why I find a way of ending on a ‘happy’, even sarcastic note.

Out for now [at least a couple of hours]. As always:

Blessings and Hope…

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