Something happened today and I felt the need to express some feelings I have regarding my faith, actually the loss of my faith. It is me, live! lol

The pictures are of wallpapers from the net and some of my home and animals. Hope you like!

9 thoughts on “Faith?

  1. I completely understand and I also ask myself why me? why again? and why again? and why again (my upcoming 4th surgery) each time I lose more mobility, I gain more pain, I just don’t get it….what did I do? what am I doing wrong? endless questions….woe is me…I’m tired of my 4 walls, my couch…my life as it is….I mourn the life I had, which sucked from time to time…okay a lot of times…but at least I was able to move around…oh and BTW thank you for the TY card, I was going to be silly and send you a TY card to thank you for my TY card….

    Loved your video and pics, thanks for sharing your honest and raw self.


  2. Tracy, I watched that video three times, and each time, I was moved to tears. I’m not a religious person by any stretch of imagination, but I *am* a very spiritual person, and I know the power of faith, and how it feels to lose faith.

    If I’ve learned nothing else in my life, my friend, it’s that, more often than not, our wants and needs are met in ways more subtle than we imagine. We have to really look hard to find the answers we’ve asked for. But when we finally recognize them – when we finally see that our faith isn’t misplaced or a waste of time – it’s truly amazing how much our lives change.

    Thank you so much for sharing a part of yourself with people, Tracy. You are a beautiful human being inside and out, and I hope you will never forget that…



  3. ty all for understanding. I know how people get when it comes to faith. I figured I’d have to fight some!! rofl

    Holly, i do have many of those ‘subtle’ moments. Those are the times I go, ‘Ahhh’ xoxo

    Ruby, I’d have died getting a ty for a ty and probably sent you back a ty for the ty for the ty!! lol


  4. Tracy,
    I feel for you, I understand more than words can say. I so badly just want to hug you. I heard your voice, but heard words I’ve been saying coming out.

    I look at my chair and these four walls and feel terribly ‘punished’. When I was growing up, my mother (abusive as she was) who really had no religion, used to say “the good die young, the evil live long lives and suffer through their lives as punishment”.

    It took me a long time to shake that philosophy.

    What I’ve endured has given me strength, allowed me to be more empathetic and understanding of others and has allowed me to be a better parent and wife. I think I have a greater appreciation for things most people take for granted or give no notice to.

    Faith? I have a hard time with it, always have. Could never figure out how a loving God allowed children to be abused, to live in fear.

    I guess I’ve found my own way of coping with what life throws my way, rather than relying on faith. But, that’s just me.

    I wish you well and send much love & tender hugs oxox


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