Ah life….

I am finally over the sickies. Feeling so much better right now. Hope it stays this way.

Got the van and i loooove it. I purchased a carfax for it, and there are no ‘bad’ things about it.

Now, I need to get my van sold. I am going to miss it too. I loved that van! I got new plates for it yesterday and purchased a carfax for those interested in it. I think it will go fast. (hoping) It is in gr8 condition and leather, CD, a/c, removable back seats, seats 7, captain seating. No dents. I take care of my cars.

I am going to get it detailed, carpets shampooed, etc.

Dexter, my new puppy, is so cute. He is the best company for me when i am alone. He thinks he is so tough. I love when he barks at people. It’s like, dude they could kick ya like a football!! lol But, he’s smart… when he barks he hides behind me!!


Quote: It is the trouble that never comes that causes the loss of sleep. ~Chas. Austin Bates

2 thoughts on “Ah life….

  1. I was wondering how you were doing! I was worried about ya, hadn’t seen ya online much! Glad you like the new van…and that cute new lil puppy of yours!


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