Multiple Sclerosis · RANDOM


One of the things I would love to do more of is photography. The problem is my damn wheel-chariot. It makes it hard to shoot what I find intriguing. Abandoned buildings, homes, hospitals, cemeteries. Places with history. Roger bought me an awesome Canon EOS with all the gadgets and gizmos along with a big ole zoom lens. It is something that makes me smile. We also have a couple of amazing 35mm film cameras.

I am a huge fan of a FaceBook site: Another State Of Mind Urban Exploration . They also have a shop here: Another State Of Mind . Their photography and their eye is extraordinary. I urge you to like their FaceBook page as well as check out their shop. As most of my friends know I have a love for the unusual, paranormal, etc. The Asylums and abandoned buildings they find and shoot are first rate. I joke that I am living vicariously through their lens. Which, in all actuality, is no joke.

There are some amazing places in California I am finding with histories and even hauntings. I am hoping to one day be able to go to some of them and shoot some photos. Praying for some sort of crippled access. lol

Depression is a huge part of my Multiple Sclerosis, seeing the photos from Another State of Mind makes me smile, and imagining the stories behind the photos is so intriguing. I would love to show you some examples of their work, but copyright is very important to me. So I implore you to go check out their sites. You will be glad you did.

xx, Tracy...