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The Crown Fire has made us leave our home. We were evacuated around 8:45pm.

during the afternoon
leaving home

I so get why people do not want to leave their homes and want to stay and fight. I always called those people morons, now I am one of them. The feelings of ‘will my home be here when we return’ is devastating. We packed up our 3 dogs plus our neighbors dog, our cat, Stewie the bearded dragon, and the 5 of us. We headed over to Courtney’s house. Now there are 10 humans, 10 dogs, 3 cats and one bearded dragon. Talk about a ‘full house’! We have no idea when we can go back to our home. I feel sick to my stomach. The fear is overwhelming. I’m trying to keep positive thoughts and hoping that our home will be ok when we are allowed to return.

yellow evacuation areas

I’m not sure what to say… I’m scared, lost, and worried. At least my family is safe!!!

Blessings and Hope