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Warning: Pissy Bitch Alert!!!

I know, what’s new? 😛

Here’s the deal, I have pendants ready to be added to chains and crystals ready to added to that. Last night I made the prettiest cameo necklace and then realized the chain I used was antique copper and the pendant was antique brass. DOH! I spent so much time on it and was so discouraged… took pics, got em all ready, and went hmmm, doesn’t look right. Looked at hubby, threw my hands ups, and rolled back to my room. I think it was karma [or the Norco] as I should not be out at my table right now. My legs, left mostly, will not stop swelling up. I’ve been keeping them elevated and everything and they/it will not go down. HATE kankles!!! I do not want to tell my neuro because every time this has happened in the past, he sends me to the ‘Big House’ [hospital] for a 3 day IV Solumedrol vacation. I WILL NOT do steroids any more. Sorry!!

The worst part is the pain in my right shoulder going down my arm. After a few minutes at the design table the pain starts. Might be a tendon or something. Too scared to find out and no way to get to the doctor. It’s tough on Roger to take so much time off work for me, and not fair to him. I must say, I’m really loving my Norco right now.

My Precious!!!

What sucks is I cannot sleep on my left side, hip pain. I can’t sleep on my back, DD [degenerative disc] so, I have to sleep on my right side. Soooo not fair!! Someone cut me a break please!!

Yes, I’m having a “Pity Party”, and all are welcome!!

I’m just so tired of being sick and tired. This was not supposed to be my life. I know, it is, deal with it, right? Easier said than done. I’ve had people say that it happened to me because I am so strong. They say that if it had happened to them, they would have crumbled. Um, Thanks, I think. I’m really not as strong as some think…

On a lighter note… yes I know, Random! A little funny for your day/night:

Classic! rofl

Or, as the Fabulous Vicki would say…A good day is when I don’t roll over and crunch someone’s toes!! 😉 Click on her name and visit her blog, it’s awesome!!

Peace Out!! xx

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Another day…

The waiting for ‘the better day’ is taking too long. This lingering headache is sofa king annoying and cause me so much stress. The pain in my arms and legs is beginning to really bother me too. I learned last night that my Norco for pain is no longer for me. It helps with the pain in my body, but then cause me chest pains. [esophagus issues] Normally I can take them with no problems as long as I sit up for 30 minutes or so. Now, not so much. Was on the phone with my Ruby girl and had to get off quickly as I thought I was going to be sick. I shut my Mac and put my head down for a bit and the yuck feeling finally went away. Is it too much to ask for just one day of feeling good?

Now, too change the depressing subject… my bathroom is coming along. They finished floating the floor into a ramp for me. I did get a nice laugh this morning as my lil boy Dexter left tiny puppy paw prints in the concrete. 😛 I hope it does not hurt the tile laying! OOPS! lol

click for larger pic!

As for me, today, it’s going to be a movie day. Need to re-generate. As I type that, I laugh. All I do is movie days and lie down and rest. Such is life right?