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Help Save “Halfway to Home” Dog Rescue!

Please take a moment and watch the video below:

The video explains the peril that Halfway to Home is going through.

I have personal experience with this rescue. My good friend Courtney is a volunteer and two of my ‘fur-kids’ are HWTH rescues. If not for Suzanne and her NO KILL rescue, they would have perished either on the street or by the High Kill shelters. I can not imagine life without them.

Dexter and Charlie, my babies!

The dogs at this NO KILL shelter are taken care of with the highest level of love and compassion. They are clean, well fed, up to date on shots, and always spayed or neutered. This is a travesty of justice.

This rescue, Halfway to Home, helps the County and State by taking some of the burden off of the High Kill Shelters. HWTH is a highly respected rescue and has been a #1 rescue at PetSmart. I am so confused as to how and why anyone could NOT renew their permit. It sickens me to think of all the dogs that will now die in the streets or in the shelters due to this irresponsible decision. I truly hope this decision is re-thought out and that their permit is renewed. How anyone with a heart could do this is beyond my thinking. All I have to do is look into my HWTH rescue dog’s eyes to know this non-renewal decision is truly wrong and inhumane. Is this really what Kern County wants to be known for? I hope not…

Please share the video above, donate to Halfway to Home, let these amazing people and doggies know they are loved.

Click the logo to go to their site!

THOSE WHO WANT TO DO MORE are urged to e-mail a message to The Animal Control Commission at Lorelei Oviatt, Director of Planning & Community Development Department at Scott Denney, Planning Operations Division Chief at Lorine Vasquez, Planner 2 at

 PLEASE help!

Love and Light, Tracy