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Anything Worth Holding On To

This is where I am right now. I’m a little bit lost. It’s been a bad couple of nights with no sleep. When that happens my mind goes to very dark places. Last night there was a cross roads and I thankfully took the right path. Unfortunately I’m not sure how strong I am anymore.

I know I shouldn’t complain with everything going on in the world right now, but being trapped at home, being in quarantine, is my life. I want to tell everybody that’s complaining, “welcome to my world!”

And now onto one of my most favorite songs. One of my favorite people, Andrea, a Disney princess in her own right sent this to me. I hope you enjoy. 

Have courage and be kind.


In Dreams – Darkness

The darkness falling, silence, floating, light. She looks down, the dress, black lace over a blood red shell, she’s beautiful. Pale skin, jet hair, crimson nails, still floating. People, statuesque, glowing eyes. Trees, going on to nowhere. Fire, dancing. A chill runs slowly down her spine. Where is she, who is she, why is she here? She wants to run, run away, no stay. Screams in the distance, laughter, pain. Blood. What does this all mean? She closes her eyes, nightmare. The hands on the clock spin in circles faster and faster. Eyes open. A familiar picture, her bed, blood red sheets and golden blankets cover her freezing body. A dream, only a dream. A sigh, a smile. Her hands…crimson nails, pale skin. Shudders, afraid to move. Gently pulling, pulling the safety of her covers back. She rises. Looks down. The dress, black lace over a blood red shell…

© 01/10/2010


Blessings and Hope.