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The Padded Room – Patrick

Starved to the point where he had no readable temperature, then thrown down a garbage chute like yesterday’s trash, this was the life of Patrick.

He is an approximately one year old Pit/Mix who was brutally mistreated by his owner.
This show is to spread the word about animal abuse and how, we as humans, can help!

**Graphic content warning due to the severity of his torture.

Please join us, Thursday March 31st at 11am PST, in The Padded Room!

Go to, A Dog Named Patrick , for more of his story and with links on how you can help.

My spirit is strong!
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A Dog Named Patrick…

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi


Starved to the point where he had no temperature then thrown down a garbage chute like yesterday’s trash, this was the life of Patrick. He is an approximately one year old Pit/Mix who was brutally mistreated by his owner.

Animal Cruelty Charges Filed in Case of Brutalized New Jersey Pit Bull

abused and left for dead

But this amazing puppy has more spirit than many humans I know and he held on. He made it through the night to March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, and was given the name Patrick.

these eyes...

If these eyes could talk, most would probably not be able to listen about the torture he went through.

My spirit is strong!

I will fight to help other animals that are abused.

Thank You!!

Please help end this cruelty. Remember, it starts with animals and moves on to the children. Someone who could do this to a living creature, could do this to anyone.


“Never believe that animals suffer less than humans. Pain is the same for them that it is for us. Even worse, because they cannot cry for help…” ~ anonymous

Please take a stand!! Sign the petition and help save other animals and make people pay for their crimes. It only takes a minute.

Patrick’s Petition!

Pictures borrowed from Prayers for Patrick edited by me. Click to join this wonderful FB site for Patrick!

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Please sign!!

please help!!

We need to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. It starts with animals…

On March 26, 2010, a dog named Mima was found with all her 4 legs brutally chopped off apparently over an old conflict between neighbors. Currently, animal cruelty is not a crime in Bulgaria. Thousands of their citizens protested and a proposal for a new law was sent to their Parliament to vote on.

As months progress, the current situation in Bulgaria is getting much worse. Animals and their advocates are now the target of more abuse from those who are angry of the attention their cause has received since Mima’s story of unimaginable torture came to light. A “journalist” who used his TV show as a platform for hate speech, even had a guest showing techniques on how to poison strays. Some of the recent atrocities in addition to the daily poisoning are as follows: a kitten’s head was decapitated and displayed on a fence for all to see, more dogs being hung from a bridge or a tree, another mutilation case- this time a very young puppy, an 80 year old woman who was caring for stray cats was assaulted by her neighbors. When animal lovers report these atrocities to the police, they’re either apathetic or are laughed at.

Please help stop this madness and sign the petition. It only takes a minute!

Blessings and Hope!!!


The story of Mima!!

This is Mima.


She was tortured and mutilated by a sadistic monster who hacked each one of her limbs off… not just once but for days and weeks at a time!! Only a monster is capable of such heinous act!! Currently, there are no laws against Animal Cruelty in Bulgaria.

Thanks to all who donated to our ChipIn campaign, funds were transferred to Mima’s account to help pay for her medical treatment and get her mobile again.

Please help us with our new campaign: International pressure to get Bulgaria to change their laws. Please don’t let what happened to Mima be done in vain. Help spread the message to the world:

Please show your support by joining our group. Demand justice for Mima and all other defenseless animals abused and tortured in Bulgaria.



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Blessings and Hope!!