Please sign!!

please help!!

We need to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. It starts with animals…

On March 26, 2010, a dog named Mima was found with all her 4 legs brutally chopped off apparently over an old conflict between neighbors. Currently, animal cruelty is not a crime in Bulgaria. Thousands of their citizens protested and a proposal for a new law was sent to their Parliament to vote on.

As months progress, the current situation in Bulgaria is getting much worse. Animals and their advocates are now the target of more abuse from those who are angry of the attention their cause has received since Mima’s story of unimaginable torture came to light. A “journalist” who used his TV show as a platform for hate speech, even had a guest showing techniques on how to poison strays. Some of the recent atrocities in addition to the daily poisoning are as follows: a kitten’s head was decapitated and displayed on a fence for all to see, more dogs being hung from a bridge or a tree, another mutilation case- this time a very young puppy, an 80 year old woman who was caring for stray cats was assaulted by her neighbors. When animal lovers report these atrocities to the police, they’re either apathetic or are laughed at.

Please help stop this madness and sign the petition. It only takes a minute!

Blessings and Hope!!!

5 thoughts on “Please sign!!

  1. I signed! It saddens my heart at the cruelty of these poor animals, they need our love just as well as we need theirs, God didn’t put them here to be mistreated as well so i do hope God will deal with all those who has done this at some point and time.


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