Multiple Sclerosis

Ampyra – is it helping?

It’s hard to know if it truly is working. I think I feel changes but then I wonder if it is real or imaginary. I can still move my toes around better, but then I wonder if it is better. It’s very hard to explain my emotions. I want it to work so bad that sometimes I think I am making it all up in my head. Sometimes it seems that it is easier to transfer, then the next time it’s a struggle. I’m still dealing with the insomnia but not sure it is from the Ampyra or the MS. It has been hard to sleep way before the Ampyra, but it seems worse now. I’m hoping it is a side effect that goes away as I do not want to have rely on sleeping aids.

Blah, blah, blah! 😛

12 thoughts on “Ampyra – is it helping?

  1. I just started my third bottle of Ampyra. The results are pretty amazing. My gait has improved as has the strength in my impaired leg. I still suffer from foot drop, but that too has improved tremendously. It hasn’t effected my sleep at all, but I’ve never had much of a problem with that. Give it some time and keep positive thoughts about the improvements you are seeing.


    1. YAY!! I’m so happy for you. I hated the foot drop and the brace that was for it was not much better! lol

      I just want to be able to get out of my wheelchair more…
      It’ll happen!

      TY for dropping in! 🙂


  2. My dear MzT, I truly hate that you’regoing through this and I am seriously praying for you as well as our Lola. I just hope you find relief soon. God bless you my friend.


  3. Mimi’s news is really encouraging to me…for YOU, Tracy! What was it in The Matrix? Take the (blue/red) pill…and enjoy ANY progress, Sweetie! I’ll be praying about your side effects, too.


  4. I am on a borrowed supply until my “Legal Supply” arrives. I wanted to at least try it before going to all the trouble of filling out the paper work. My results were also immediate and amazing. I had an appointment with my neurologist on my 4th day and she also found the results outstanding but gave me a little lecture on how I obtained my temporary supply. We had a discussion on why it works for some and not for others and why it may be working so well for me. The answer may be in the condition of the muscles receiving the signals. If muscle tone and quality has been allowed to deteriorate, then how will the improvement of nerve signals help muscle movement? Our doctors need to do a much better job in encouraging us to get our butts into an exercise program. I decided very early on my own to do just that. I tried walking on a treadmill but that would only overheat me and cause other problems. I had a friend drag me to the pool on day into a deep water aerobics class. This really is the answer to exercise for those with disabling deseases such as ours. No preasure on your joints, keeps you cool while it works you hard and because you wear a flotation device, you dont have to know how to swim. When I seperated from my job, attending my deep water aerobics class became my new job to get up to every morning. Even before Ampyra, I was able to reverse some of my disability. The work I put into keeping my muscles alive is why I think the drug is doing so much for me. You should have this same discussion with your Dr. and then decide on what course of action you wish to take to improve your quality of life.
    Every one of us belives that the cure for MS is in our near future. Medical technology is moving at light speed. When the cure comes, will we be ready for it? I am sure every one of us is mentally prepared for the cure but how many will be phyically prepared?
    I hope the my rambling will somehow help. Bless you Tracy, keep the hope alive.



    1. I got lucky as my doctor and the Ampyra Co. took care of it and dealing with my insurance company for me.

      I use a motorized pedaler to keep my legs from atrophy so I hope it helps more now taking the medication.

      My concern has always been, when they find the right medication will it be too late for those of us who are progressive?


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