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Round and Round We Go

I’m probably the only bedridden person that can actually jump through hoops. Actually I’m probably not. I got an email, not a phone call, giving me the same information regarding non-emergent transport. Not sure he actually spoke with them regarding accepting Blue Cross as only one of the three actually accept this insurance. I completely understand why the other two don’t, as Blue Cross doesn’t pay! That in itself is disgusting to me. I was told once I found one that could help me that I should call to get pre-certification. Today I did that with the one company that actually takes independence blue cross. But alas, it is not I that calls for the precertification. I called the pre-cert phone number which took me to Accolade, not Blue Cross. Accolade informed me that I need to go through my doctor to show proof that I need an ambulance ride to and from my doctor to be allowed this service. You know being taken by stretcher to and from my doctors. Yeah, because everyone wants to go by stretcher to their doctors appointments. Are they fucking kidding me?! The Accolade rep did help me out by calling and taking care of all of this BS for me. The first person that actually helped and has done what they say they’re going to do. And she isn’t even a Blue Cross employee. As of now, I have an appointment on the 28th and will be picked up at 7:30 AM so I can finally see my doctor again. But, I’m not holding my breath.

I wish I could say that I am no longer stressed regarding this, but this is only the beginning. I need to get to my neurologists office as well as my urologists office. I had to put off surgery to remove all the bladder stones because of my inability to get out of my bed. Yes I will say that again, I had to keep putting off my surgery because I could not get out of my bed and was turned away from Independence Blue Cross for inpatient rehabilitation. I wonder, do I have to go jump through these hoops every fucking time I need to see my doctor(s)? Do I need to prove that I need to go by stretcher again and again? I truly am disgusted by Independence Blue Cross. ^^ Me, every time I have to talk to these people and every time I have to send an email when they cannot return an actual phone call. And I will say it again and again, how the fuck do these people sleep at night knowing that they are withholding care from another human being that needs specific care?! I will get my inpatient rehabilitation! I will get the care that I need! I will not allow this despicable company to be in charge of my health care over my own doctors!  People we need to stand up and say no more! We need to write to our representatives, call them out, acquire an attorney if needs be, we need to say… We are not going to take this any more! Do I seem angry, a little pissed off… You have no idea! 

Have courage to those who try to keep you down, and be kind!! 

6 thoughts on “Round and Round We Go

  1. Being now the caretaker of my ill mother unfortunately yes we have to jump one two three thousand hoops with the insurance companies, doctors, be on top of the doctors, then they’ll change you to another day when you are already prepared for the first appointment on and on, it is very tasking. Just got to keep on keeping on, no other choice.

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    1. I am so sorry you have to go through all this crap as well. That’s just not right. They should not be allowed to run our health care. And Yep we have to keep on them, it’s that squeaky wheel thing. 😊


      1. If not them it is the government, and trust me here in Spain (my mother goes through the private) we do have healthcare for all, and the waiting time is 100% more than if you go through the private sector. By the time the government health care free? We do pay a bunch of taxes to sustain that and we are broke by the way as a country, literally since it is unsustainable, the math just doesn’t add up.
        If you go through the public health care, you’re put on a waiting list like my neighbor, and by the time he got to the operation he was basically dead, barely survived. So although it is a hassle, much more better the private sector. There is always someone to run things, be it government (and here in Spain is run…..I would say it´s walking) or private. The private safe my mothers life we know that, still it´s a hassle battling the insurance companies, doctors, e.t.c. but they kept her alive.

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