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And they dropped the ball

When I fell November 10, 2013 it landed me completely in the bed. Now I would think doctors would know the issues that come with being trapped in the bed. Legs falling to the side for comfort which makes you end up with frog legs in essence. I didn’t know until this past February when I was in rehab that they actually have little shoes/boots for this. Why in the fuck didn’t my doctors get me these hundred dollar pair shoes. The pain I’m in is from my hips being tilted to the side for five years and these cheap little shoes could’ve stopped that from happening for me.

EZ  boot orthotic system 

I’m talking about this now because I’ve been trying to use the ones I got at rehab to slowly put my legs back in the proper position and it feels like it’s too late. Because my legs and my drop foot have been in that same position for so long it fights against the boots. So what happens is I get pressure sores on the sides of my feet. I’m so angry right now. I have no help I’m trying so hard to do it on my own but it’s fucking hard. My husband cannot do it all and if they had just gotten me these little shoes so many of my issues would not be happening.

❗️I’m talking about this because I just want others to know if you end up in your bed for any period of time invest in these hundred dollar pair of little shoe things so your legs stay in proper alignment. I wish someone had told me five years ago because I would not be in the position I’m in now. As I stated above it hurts so much right now to have them on that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get my legs back in position.

There’s a picture of Denzel because I just watched the movie the bone collector and noticed he had a pair of these shoe things on for the movie. 😜
I really need to get with the neurologists out here and tell them that they have dropped the ball on me for way too fucking long and it’s time they fucking help me. It’s too hard to drive long distance to another neurologist. But I’m telling you if they don’t start doing their job to help me I’ll take the long drive.

This last picture are my boots and I’m still not able to twist the hip or put the kickstand up. My feet are getting used to being in a normal position and it fucking hurts. They normally point and fall out. I really hope this works. I know it’s gonna take A long time.  My doctors dropped ball… And in my depression I let them. 😪

I am sorry for the book. 🤓
I’m pretty sure that I repeated myself a lot and I’m really sorry tonight is a bad MS night. But I’m still Kickin and my wheels are turning because something good has to happen! It has to. ♥️👊

Have courage and be kind


6 thoughts on “And they dropped the ball

  1. Tracy, I’m angry for you, too. I absolutely do not understand why you are not provided services. I read pages on the internet that you should have a “team” to help you negotiate the many symptoms of ms. You should have a neurologist, a neuropsychologist, a nursing professional, a social worker, a psychologist, a physiatrist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a dietician, a speech-language therapist, and a recreational therapist. Wow! You’d be a busy beaver if you had 1/2 of the people helping you that the internet says you should have. Where are these services for you? Who is suppose to order these services for you? You were so happy in rehab and worked so hard and improved, then went home. You are right, Roger or the kids cannot do it all. I’m sorry, I know I’m speaking to the choir, but I get so, so angry for you, and it breaks my heart.

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    1. I always joke that where I live we have rent-a-docs. That we have the doctors that nobody wants so they send them out here to work. I’m starting to believe this is true. I don’t even know how to go about doing any of this because my husband can’t takeoff work every time I need to see a doctor. And I can’t afford someone to take me every time I need to see a doctor. I’m supposed to be seeing a spinal surgeon but I’m gonna blow it off because I have no way to get there. We are in that gray area of we don’t make enough and live paycheck to paycheck, but we make too much to get any help. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  2. Tracy, this makes me furious when people drop the ball at your expense! Assholes! Tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully things will be better. Love you my friend

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  3. This makes no sense, that a simple pair of boots could have made a world of difference 5 years ago..are the medical professionals incompetent where you live? Keep fighting, you deserve the help…love you my friend! ♥️

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