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OMG, he’s cuttin’ my neck open…

That was my reaction when my port was put in a few months back.

Let me backtrack a bit. In February I had a port put in my chest. With the monthly  2 hour Tysabri infusions it was the best option. Me ole veins are gone and sticking me each time was getting painful and harder to do. So cool, a port, a lil contraption with a tube under my skin in my chest going in to a vein. Easy peasy, right?

First problem when we get there is no ‘twilight’ sleep or meds, as, well, no veins for an I.V. Hence the need for the port. But it’s all good! The area will be numbed up and I’ll get a shot of Ativan [not that it would work on me]. I finally get wheeled in and the doctor comes in. He looks at the area for the port, then lifts the cover from my face. He says from his charts he assumed I’d be older but when he saw my skin and how ‘young’ it looked he had to see me. ummm hmmm smooth talker! lol Meanwhile Ativan not kickin’ in… they proceed to give me some injections in my chest to numb it up! OUCH! But then he injects my neck!! Um, WTF why are you injecting my neck. **shivers. Meanwhile Ativan not kickin’ in… He starts the incision into my chest, no real pain just pressure. Then I feel my neck getting cut. Okay, I speak up. “Why are you cutting my neck?” He asks me if I understood the procedure. I told him that I was told it was a a lil contraption with a tube under my skin in my chest going in to a vein. He explains it in a bit more detail. He tells me how the lil contraption [the port] goes under the skin in my chest, then a tube is brought up through my neck, around and down towards the heart into a vein. Okay then!! I guess it’s too late to turn back now! 😉 Meanwhile Ativan not kickin’ in…

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. I hung out in recovery for a bit and then we headed home. On the ride home… the Ativan finally kicked in!! Go figure. lol

on the way home
BAD reaction to the tape and bandages. owie

I figure, dudes dig chicks with scars right! 😛 I tensed my neck a bit so you can see the tube going up through my neck! Cool right. When I do this it freaks out my kids!! lol

Peace out all!

16 thoughts on “OMG, he’s cuttin’ my neck open…

  1. After going thru all that. I seriously hope good things come from this and that it works for you my friend. Now go and freak out your kids, cause that’s always fun…right, lol!! 😀

    Your always so positive about things Tracy, you deserve positive things to happen for you. Praying ❤


  2. I would have probably passed out at the thought of being awake during all of this! You’re a real trooper! But, I guess knowing that you won’t have to be stuck and gouged makes a big difference. But still…gives me the shivers. Has the port been used yet? What’s your opinion of it now? Keep freakin out the kiddos!! Love you!


  3. I honestly don’t know how you do it, all the tests, procedures, medications… I would honestly rather pull the blankets up over my head, put my fingers in my ears and think about fileds of daisies and playful huskies. LOL I think you have the patience of a saint!


  4. What a trooper you are. I’m more on the whimp side, but we have a lot in common. Mum of three, fantastic husband and that damn MS.


  5. Honestly, it did look painful, but damn girl you not only have so much patience, but to be able to make jokes, you are my hero!



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