It figures!!

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Depression, HELL, Pain, Ramblings, sarcasm, stupid_stuff

Obviously I’ve had a crappy time lately. DOH! 😛 So this morning i pulled my ‘big girl’ panties on… really I did. Wouldn’t you know it I get the headache from Hell and my back is killing me. [had a little fall] Seriously!! Makes me wonder what the fuck I did in a previous life! rofl

It's really not...

And now, to top it off, INSOMNIA yet again. So off to take some meds [yeehaw] and hopefully sleep will come… eventually!!

Peace out!

  1. Tracy…I hate to hear about the fall. I hope your meds help you feel somewhat better. Here’s to a better day….


  2. Mary says:

    Are you o.k.? This made me feel very worried when you mentioned the fall…and the headaches are a bitch…I know! Thank goodness for meds!!

    Had a trip to the doctor’s office today for a routine visit..luckily, everyone in the office is very sweet!

    Please let us know how you are!



  3. Tracy says:

    I’m ok! The headache is gone… for now. lol
    How did your doc visit go? Hope you’re doing ok! ❤


  4. Frannie says:

    Hope the meds work for you so you can sleeeeeeeeep.



  5. Ruby Cantu says:

    Stop hurting yourself….I know it’s my fault so I’ll go hurt myself now and then we will be even.


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